ProofHQ Proves Successful for Get1Free

get1free case study

ProofHQ can provide businesses large and small with an online proofing application that makes it easy to share, edit, and approve an array of documents with team members near and far. While we can toot our own horn all day long and speak of the many benefits our product can provide businesses, you’d probably rather hear the experience of an actual customer! So we sat down with Ryan Green, the CEO of Get1Free, to hear how they have utilized our application to improve team communication and productivity through online proofing.

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Online Proofing: The Quickest Win on the Path to Marketing Compliance

marketing compliance

Compliance and regulatory issues aren’t just for the legal department or heavily regulated industries. While the healthcare, financial services, consumer packaged goods, and automotive sectors must adhere to regulatory guidelines, every company has brand standards they must meet.

In its traditional sense, compliance means that content must be legally accurate to prevent lawsuits and hefty fines. But compliance also means meeting internal standards that properly express the brand voice. This is critical in all industries as buyers gain more control with channel preferences and content accessibility in an increasingly digital world.

We examined the responses from more than 450 marketers, and over 73% of organizations say they must comply with regulatory and brand standards. And more than 65% still use email and hard copy for auditing backup. The creative review and approval process needs a better tool to replace time-consuming manual processes and meet internal and external standards.

Here are a few ways an online proofing application helps marketers address compliance and regulatory concerns:

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Webinar: How an Online Proofing Application Helps Marketers Manage Compliance

marketing compliance webinar

Have you ever found yourself asking “how did that get approved?” or what about finding a distorted version of your logo on a piece of collateral you haven’t seen? As marketers, it can be pretty frustrating.

As marketers, we’re all being asked to create more creative content in shorter timeframes. We must ensure every single piece that goes out is “compliant.” It’s a recipe for chaos (or less sleep at night at best). Compliance, in its traditional sense, means that content must be legally accurate to prevent lawsuits and hefty fines. But compliance also means meeting internal standards that appropriately express the brand voice. This is critical in all industries as buyers gain more control with channel preferences and content accessibility in an increasingly digital world.

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Webinar: Video Production and Online Proofing for the Distributed Workforce

proofhq video production webinar

How can a San Diego-based VP of marketing working for a Dallas-based company use a Detroit-based production company to create a video for an international audience? Join ProofHQ and HOW Design University for Video Production and Online Proofing for the Distributed Workforce, a webinar about how using the right collaborative and proofing technology can make the video review process faster and more efficient by providing all stakeholders with a common space, format, and workflow.

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Thoughts About Measuring Customer Engagement…and Brussels Sprouts

measuring customer engagement

Usage equals happiness, right?


There is an on-going debate about how companies should measure customer engagement, and it’s not nearly as clear-cut as you might think. High usage could mean high satisfaction but not always. It’s only one of a few metrics that you should track.

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Behind the Scenes: Using ProofHQ for Video Review and Approval

video review and approval with proofhq

ProofHQ Behind the Scenes gives you an inside look at how we use online proofing to optimize the review and approval process for creative projects.

Online proofing, more often than not, is associated with graphics editing. It’s easy to translate the typical paper-based markup with red ink to the online environment. What’s not so intuitive, or even expected, is using the same online proofing tools for reviewing video files.

And since ProofHQ supports audio/visual files in addition to static files, it was a no-brainer to use our own online proofing system to review our latest video project.

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ProofHQ is Now A Workfront Company

workfront acquires proofhq

It’s our pleasure to share some exciting news: ProofHQ, the global leader in online proofing, has been acquired by Workfront, a leading provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solutions, and will join their lineup of work management solutions for marketers.

When we started ProofHQ over eight years ago, we set out to make marketers lives easier by fundamentally changing the way they collaborate on creative projects. In that time, we’ve seen online proofing evolve from a place in the marketer’s tool belt to a validated market, of which we are the leader, with over 2,600 customers worldwide.

In Workfront, we have joined forces with a company we know very well. They share a common vision of eliminating the chaos that occurs within enterprise marketing teams and global agencies. By providing an end to end solution for campaign ideation, production, and execution, together we offer a truly unique solution to support the digital marketing renaissance we’re currently experiencing.

We’re honored that the majority of leading agencies and brands across the globe rely on ProofHQ to accelerate their creative project delivery, and excited to combine forces with the industry’s best work management solution for marketers.

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Why You Should Use Advanced Password Settings in ProofHQ

proofhq password settings

As more details emerge about the largest ever cyber breach of federal employee data—the Office of Personnel Management now says that sensitive information of some 22 million individuals was stolen—we’re left with another sobering reminder about the importance of cyber security and password management.

An unfortunate reality is that most people use the same password for everything within their online life. It’s not like we do this in our offline life. We don’t have a single key that grants access to our car, house, safe deposit box, and home security system. So why do we continue to safeguard our online valuables with a single, often simple, password?

As the administrator or billing administrator of your ProofHQ account, you know better, right? RIGHT? Your ProofHQ system password is probably a combination of eight characters or more with mixed types of characters, a cryptic passcode that only a mind reader could crack. But, what about the rest of your team? Are you confident that the rest of your employees are as diligent with their system password as you?
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You’re Invited: The Road to Success Webinar Series

proofhq webinar

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest webinar series, The Road to Success. Over the next three months, the Customer Success team will host a series of 30-minute webinars that will demonstrate how to make the most of your ProofHQ online proofing solution.
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3 ProofHQ Features to Help Bridge the Workflow Transition

proofhq workflow

The moving truck stopped in front of my house many times growing up. Each move always meant getting used to a new neighborhood and getting around.

But, it also meant meeting new people and getting to do cool things in a new neighborhood. One of the things we would always do was find the donut shop closest to our new home. The donut shop was a way to create a bridge between the old and the new. Much like when moving from your current review and approval workflow and moving to ProofHQ.

Here are three features that are great for bridging the gap between your current workflow and moving to ProofHQ.
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