Online Proofing Helps LendingTree ‭Maintain Compliance & Regulatory ‭Standards While Providing Competitive Differentiation‬‬‬‬‬‬

lendingtree case study

LendingTree is the nation’s leading online loan marketplace with the industry’s largest network of lenders. Their service provides consumers with a way to connect with multiple lenders for a number of financial borrowing needs. From the comfort of their homes, consumers can fill out one simple form and shop, compare, and save on the loans they need.

With a MyLendingTree account, consumers can track their credit score, review all loan and credit card accounts, and are even notified when LendingTree identifies a savings opportunity based on real-time data. They offer a variety of informational resources and tools for borrowers to help them manage their finances and have an informed experience. Financial calculators, interactive loan coaching tools, monthly newsletters, lender ratings and reviews – they’re all available to the consumer. And the best part? It’s all free.

With so many of the nation’s leading lending institutions included in the LendingTree marketplace, including regional and local lenders, the company must adhere to a considerable amount of regulatory oversight. Lending compliance includes banking regulations and consumer protection laws, all of which need to be carefully considered when working on B2B and B2C accounts.

To aid in their efforts to remain in compliance while fostering collaboration amongst departments, LendingTree called for a centralized location where their legal and compliance teams could retain control of the information being shared, including marketing and other materials. They turned to ProofHQ for a practical solution.

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Learn the Basics of Online Proofing: Attend the Buyer’s Journey Webinar Series

online proofing buyer's journey webinar

We know that driving creativity and productivity within your marketing organization is a top priority, but finding the right tools can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming. We are excited to announce the launch of our latest webinar series, The Buyer’s Journey, where we will present and discuss the basics of online proofing.

This educational series will arm you with the information you need to research, evaluate and implement the right online proofing application for your business, so you can eliminate project bottlenecks and accelerate project delivery. Register now!

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Join ProofHQ at MarTech Europe Then Explore London’s Unbeaten Path

martech europe

If your firm is looking for tips on seamlessly integrating technologies into your marketing strategies and operations (and you’re in London), then you need to be at MarTech Europe, October 21-22, at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel London. MarTech Europe is the premier event for understanding the breadth of marketing technologies and how organizations can effectively integrate them into their marketing strategy and operations. If you’re looking to connect the dots between technical possibilities and strategic opportunities in the reshaping of modern marketing, this conference is for you.

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How to Incorporate External Reviewers Into Your ProofHQ Workflow

external reviewers in proofhq

We want to help you see the advantages to sharing proofs with external reviewers using our system for one simple reason: it makes sharing easier. Sharing proofs through numerous channels of communications (hard copies through the mail, emails, FTP sites, etc.) can cause you to fall behind on project deadlines and cost you more money in the long run. Using the latest technology, rather than those archaic means of communication, makes getting reviews from people outside of your organization more straightforward and lucrative.

Common objections you may hear regarding implementing ProofHQ externally include the fear of complicating or upsetting new clients. Some clients may object to the idea of vendors seeing internal comments on proofs being shared, or want their comments to remain confidential and private. But there are easy fixes to those objections with ProofHQ – it’s easy to use and easy to quell any objections you may hear. In the process, this knowledge will allow you (and your customers and clients) to utilize ProofHQ to its fullest potential.

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5 Tips for Improving the Efficiency of your Online Proofing Projects

online proofing efficiency with proofhq

Proofing is a necessary evil (perhaps “evil” is too strong a word; a necessary hurdle!) of any marketing company. While proofing ensures that the creative materials you release to the public are as close to perfect as possible, the process can be a burden on your creative team. The problem, of course, is that proofing tends to be a lengthy and time-sucking process that can slow down the workflow. With ProofHQ, we help marketers streamline the review and approval process so that these backups don’t occur. Even if you’re a veteran ProofHQ client, we believe that the following five tips will help you improve the efficiency of your online proofing projects even further.

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3 Tips for Organizing Your Content in ProofHQ

organize creative content

The process of getting creative projects reviewed and approved is often associated with a maelstrom of activity. There are multiple rounds of reviews with multiple people; tens to hundreds of comments and edits to collect, organize and implement; and several versions of the creative asset to track. Fortunately, there are three tools within ProofHQ that can help you organize your creative assets and bring some order to the review and approval chaos: folders, custom fields, and tags.

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ProofHQ Android App Approved! The Creative Review and Approval Process Just Got Easier

ProofHQ Android Tablet App

The product announcements keep coming. Just a week after the release of the ProofHQ app for iPad, we are excited to announce that the ProofHQ app for Android tablet devices is now live in the Google Play store.

Similar to the iPad app, the Android version is beautiful, intuitive, and fast. You can move your work forward, keep in touch with your team, and get the information you need, right from your tablet device.

The ProofHQ online proofing application for Android brings together the review and approval functionality of ProofHQ’s Web-based proofing solution with the portability and convenience right from your Android device.

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DBA Worldwide Successfully Replaces Manilla Folders with Easy Review and Approval Process by ProofHQ


DBA Worldwide is a marketing agency that prides itself on non-traditional retail programs with a focus on digital promotion and content marketing. The company has produced billions of online pages which have resulted in billions of dollars in sales. Yet this innovative company still found themselves working with a manual review and approval system that had been in place for many years. When it came time to streamline this process, DBA Worldwide found the solution they were looking for with ProofHQ.

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The iPad App You’ve Been Waiting for from ProofHQ

proofhq ipad app

The ProofHQ app for iPad you’ve been asking for is here! We’re celebrating, and we hope you are too because we think you’ll love it.

The app is beautiful, intuitive, and fast. You can move your work forward, keep in touch with your team, and get the information you need, right from your tablet.

We spent time carefully creating this app just for tablet users. We made sure the gestures, layout, navigation, and overall look-and-feel were simple and familiar to iOS users. We also got a lot of help from a group of dedicated beta testers who provided invaluable feedback along the way (thanks!).

The ProofHQ online proofing application for the iPad brings together review and approval functionality of ProofHQ’s web-based proofing solution with the portability and convenience of the iPad.

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ProofHQ Proves Successful for Get1Free

get1free case study

ProofHQ can provide businesses large and small with an online proofing application that makes it easy to share, edit, and approve an array of documents with team members near and far. While we can toot our own horn all day long and speak of the many benefits our product can provide businesses, you’d probably rather hear the experience of an actual customer! So we sat down with Ryan Green, the CEO of Get1Free, to hear how they have utilized our application to improve team communication and productivity through online proofing.

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