Desktop Uploader integrates with Dropzone plus API enhancements

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On Tuesday, March 12th, we released several updates to ProofHQ and the API, including enhancements to our popular ProofHQ Desktop Uploader.

Desktop Uploader enhancements

The ProofHQ Dropzone is a convenient way to let people send proofs to your ProofHQ account. The ProofHQ Desktop Uploader is a great way for you to upload large or multiple files to your ProofHQ account.

In this release we added Dropzone features to the Desktop Uploader so that large files, or large volumes of files, can easily be submitted to your Dropzone.

ProofHQ Desktop Uploader

Read more about how to upload files to a Dropzone using the Desktop Uploader.

API enhancements

  • We enhanced the deleteProof() method by allowing you to permanently delete a proof. This means that you are now able to choose between moving a proof to trash or permanently deleting the proof.
  • We released a new method called setAccountDomain() which you can use to configure the domain or subdomain for an account. This avoids the need to manually log-in to make this change.

Read more about the API updates here.

If you have any comments or questions about these enhancements, please contact the support team:

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