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How a global technology enterprise uses ProofHQ to save time on creative projects

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ProofHQ benefits companies of all sizes, from small agencies to large enterprises.

ASUS is the fifth largest PC vendor in the world. In 2011, the Taipei-based company generated over $11.9 billion through sales of PC components, peripherals, notebooks, tablets, servers and smartphones. It primarily sells these products under its own brand but also produces components for other manufacturers, including Apple, Dell and HP. The company employs more than 11,000 workers worldwide.

Asus notebooks

ASUS’ high level of innovation comes with a high rate of new product launches. To keep pace, ASUS’ marketing department manages review and approval for a multitude of creative work. The scope of work runs a gamut of traditional and digital creative – web banners, newsletters, catalogs, magazines, point-of-sale materials and presentations. All materials must meet strict quality standards and accurately reflect brand identity.

The Problem: “…we still had an archaic workflow process for design sign-off.”

ASUS used email and PDF attachments to route proofs to reviewers. However, many reviewers did not have access to markup tools in Adobe Acrobat, so they were forced to describe their feedback in emails. It became very cumbersome and time-consuming for designers to link these emailed comments to the visuals in the proofs. Gaining clarity required seemingly endless rounds of emails, bombarding inboxes and adversely affecting the marketing team’s ability to deliver materials on time.

ASUS’ Head of Creative Edson Ogata realized that hard copy proofing was not in sync with the company’s image as a leading innovator. “The former process was bad,” he said. “Despite being a cutting-edge technology company, we still had an archaic workflow process for design sign-off.”

The Solution: “…easy to use with easy access, and simple commenting, approval and documentation.”

ASUS looked for a solution with simple, effective tools for marking up and commenting directly on proofs, taking inefficient email and attachments out of the review and approval process. Given the number of reviewers and the sheer volume of content for review, the solution needed to deploy quickly with minimal training. As Ogata stated, the solution had to be “easy to use with easy access, and simple commenting, approval and documentation.”

ProofHQ’s simple implementation process easily met ASUS’ needs. In addition, ProofHQ’s account management team worked directly with ASUS for a fast deployment. ProofHQ’s markup tools and threaded commenting instantly improved communication and collaboration, leading to less confusion, faster amends and shorter review cycles.

The Results: “…greater agility and productivity allowing for greater execution on our jobs.”

ASUS’ review and approval of marketing collateral is now much more efficient, giving more time to the creative team to take on new projects. The streamlined approval process has led to a level of quality control that ensures each piece of creative produced both follows brand guidelines and is of the best possible standard. The time saved from fewer revisions has generated real cost savings for the company. Ogata noted that “far less time is now spent on revisions, giving the creative teams more time to take on new projects. ProofHQ has given us greater agility and productivity allowing for greater execution on our jobs. The approval process is now in a very good place.”

To download a full version of the ASUS case study, click here.

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