Introducing a faster way to create a proof from multiple URLs and other useful enhancements

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On Monday 18th February 2013, we will be releasing a number of enhancements to ProofHQ.

Multiple URLs when creating a proof

You will be able to enter multiple URLs in the web capture field by separating them with a space. This means you will be able to create a proof from multiple web pages even faster.

New proof multiple urls

HTTP file uploading

You will be able to use HTTP file uploading for faster file transfers. This applies to creating a new proof, version and file. HTTP file uploading works on HTML5 supported browsers and will be available to Enterprise accounts only.

Copy a proof and exclude comments

When copying a proof, users will have the option to exclude comments. For example, this is useful when you wish to include new reviewers on an existing proof without giving them visibility to previous comments.

Single sign-on

Satellite accounts will be able to inherit a Hub account’s single sign-on settings. This is particularly useful for customers that have a large number of Satellite accounts connected to a Hub account; you can avoid setting up each account’s single sign-on settings manually each time.


We will be adding a progress bar so you can see the progress of your upload.

Public API updates

You will soon be able to create combined proofs via the API. This means that rather than creating a separate proof for each file, you can save time and effort by combining the files and URLs into one single proof.

You will also be able to request a PDF print summary via the API. This will improve audit trails and accountability.

If you have any comments or questions about these enhancements, please contact the support team:

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