Keep on top of review and approvals anytime, anywhere with the ProofHQ iPhone and iPad app

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We are dedicated to making sure your experience with ProofHQ and our app is as intuitive, fast and easy as possible. That is why this week we have released an enhancement to our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app, making viewing video proofs even faster.

If you have not tried our app yet, here are five reasons why you should!

ProofHQ iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch app

5 reasons why you should try the ProofHQ iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app


  1. Access your creative assets quickly anytime, anywhere: Log-in and access your Dashboard and proofs on your mobile device.
  2. Review, collaborate and approve proofs on the go: Reviewers have the freedom to review their proofs anywhere, even when they are out of the office. Review many different file types including video, PDFs, images, documents and many more.
  3. Email notification on Apple iOS device.Easily access proofs on mobile app: Simply click the link in an email notification on your device and it will automatically load the proof in the app.
  4. Use intuitive review and approval tools: Simply leave comments, add markup and make decisions.
  5. Use an app that is recommended by our customers:
    “LOVING @ProofHQ….don’t know why we put off using it for so long! Has a nifty little #iPad #App too!”
    Taz Johnston, SPL Design


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avatar Gustavo

Are you planning to release a mobile version for Android?

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