ProofHQ Enhancements: API Updates, Enhanced version management for Box users, proof emails and shared folders

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Today, Monday July 1, ProofHQ released several product enhancements including API updates, enhanced version management for Box users, full folder path display in proof emails and the ability to download original files in shared folders.

Enhanced Box Integration continues

We continue to enhance the ProofHQ integration with Box. With this latest release, the ProofHQ version wizard will recognize an incoming proof that has the same BoxID as one that already exists in ProofHQ.

An easily-sortable list of all existing proofs will automatically appear, allowing the user to choose the best proof with which to create the new proof version.

These new features are real timesavers, providing Box users with a quick and efficient way to find and manage proofs from their Box account.

New proof screenshot with existing proofs detected
New proof screenshot - existing proofs detected

Proof emails to include the full folder path

In this release is the ability to view in email notifications the full folder path of where a proof resides in your ProofHQ folder hierarchy.

Being able to see at a moments’ glance where the proof ‘fits’ in the bigger scheme of things can be a real timesaver. If you’ve organized your proofs into project folders, clients or even stages in your approval workflow, you will know exactly where the proof fits in before you even click the blue ‘Go to Proof’ button in the email notification.

Providing this context in email notifications can help to move the task along and facilitate quicker decisions.

Proof emails to include the full folder path

Permission to download original files in a shared folder

If a proof owner has shared a folder, both parties can now save valuable time with the ability to bulk download original files. This enhancement allows those with read-only permission the ability to now download all original files in that shared folder.

When all involved in the content approval process have equal access to the original files, collaborating on a proof is simpler and the process smoother.

API Enhancements

In this latest release, the API will be updated to allow the insertion of a referrer parameter when obtaining proof embed codes. Now, from a technical level, the navigation process is more automated, the integration simpler; the ability to redirect to a specific page upon closing the proof viewer requires just the inclusion of an additional parameter.

Read more about the API updates here

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avatar Kev

love the auto detect previous version feature :) been waiting for that one, thank you

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