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So we sat down this morning and decided that we would put together a list of all the graphic design blogs that we follow as a team. We said that we would spend a single working day on it, no more, no less.

By the end of the day we have a list of over 160 blogs covering design, freelancing and Photoshop/Illustrator.

See the full list after the jump

Graphic Design

1stwebdesigner Blog by Dainis Graveris in Latvia covering all things design and freelance.

Abduzeedo   Created by Fabio Sasso in Brazil and now one of the most popular design blogs. Includes tutorials, wallpapers, interviews and news. Strong participation from readers.

Andy Sowards  Eponymous blog covers cool links from around the world of web design, development and technology.

Anidan Design   Dani McDaniel’s blog covering design and development for the web and WordPress. Dani also set up JustTweetIt with Adelle Charles at Fuel.

Arbenting  From Angie Bowen and Robert Bowen, Arbenting covers design tips, tutorials, news and inspiration.

Behance Magazine.   Great blog from the folks at the Behance Network. Wide range of articles for creatives in all sectors. Really high quality content.

BittBox   Great blog from Jay Hilgert focusing on freebies for web designers and developers.

BoagWorld   Popular podcast on web design, development and management.

Booooooom   Blog from Jeff Hamada in Vancouver. Covers a wide range of creative arts.

Brian Yerkes   One of the true “rock star” designers out there (our words not his). Great work and deep insights into the world of design and marketing.

Cats Who Code  Is a blog run by Jean-Baptiste Jung, a blogger/web developper/web designer from Belgium. Cats Who Code covers web development, web design, blogging tips and WordPress. Jean-Baptiste also runs WpRecipes.

Colorburned  Great blog from Grant Friedman covering many aspects of graphic and web design.

Computer Arts Magazine   One-stop shop for professional advice on creating digital art and illustrations.

Coudal Partners  The blog from the superstar design outfit based in Chicacgo. Always great features and strong opinions.

Craig Baldwin  Cool blog from a student at the Winchester School of Art in England. Gathers a great list of the “best of” from across teh web.

CrazyLeaf   Big design blog covering graphic design, web design, Flash, Photoshop, vector graphics, design inspiration, programming, print design, design resources and photography.

Creative Curio   Blog from Lauren Marie Krause with some really solid guides to design principles. One of the hidden gems in this list.

CreativeTechs   Blog from the folks at Creative Techs who run an awesome set of courses for designers.

CreatticaDaily   From teh team at Envato, Creattica provides a broad range of links to articles of interest for designers and creatives.

CSSstyle   Edited submission site containing galleries of high quality CSS sites.

CSS Tricks  Chris Coyier’s excellent community site covering website design, development, interviews with well known designers and developers and more.

Dacheboard  Blog from David Pache, a Swiss designer running a design studio called Dache.

Darkmotion  Blog from Pasquale D’Silva in Australia covering illustration and animation.  Good humour throughout.

David Airey   A well regarded designer and incisive commentator on the design world we live in. Always original. Also moderates LogoDesignLove.

DesignBump  Community powered design news.  Dig it?

DesignCreme   Showcase of good design.

Design Cubicle  Brian Hoff’s blog covering a range of great graphic design subjects and personal insights.

Designer Daily  A blog for designers and web designers by Mirko Humbert, a Swiss graphic designer who shares his thoughts on design, ressources and tips.

DesignerSide  Collation of links to the best graphic design posts.

Designers Who Blog   A design blog by Catherine Wentworth for designers, photographers, writers, marketeers, etc., who blog. Lots of reader contributions.

DesignFeedr  Portfolios, inspiration, features, news. A broad range of design resources.

DesignFlavr   Design inspiration with daily updates of cool design from across the web. UGC, rating and resources. Run by Andrew Greig.   A community-based website run by Steven Snell for web designers and developers. The site includes a popular blog, a user-submitted news section, a design gallery, and a design job board. Also runs Vandelay Design.

Design Meltdown  Really well structured blog on trends in design by Patrick McNeil. Organised in a very innovative way by “chapters” making it a great resource.

Design O’Blog   Niki Brown’s views on design, inspiration and tips.

Design Observer  Pithy and witty observations on design and the people who do it.

Design Reviver   Tutorials, free downloads, sources of inspiration, and articles covering a wide range of web design related topics

Design Shard  A valuable resource for designers ranging from design tips, inspiration and free resources such as photoshop brushes or textures to be downloaded.

Desizn Tech  Mostly a resource site with themes, wallpaper, icons and freebies.   Blog with useful freebies such as vectors, PSD brushes and shapes, textures and backgrounds, icons etc.

The Dieline  Design blog dedicated to the packaging design industry. Fantastic images and graphics of great packaging design.

Digital Arts Magazine   The online version of Digital Arts Magazine. Covers a gamut of subjects including graphic design, 3D, animation, video, effects, web and interactive design, in print and online

DivineCSS   CSS showcase.  Best described in their own words, “We know the difference between s**t and Shinola and we’re pretty good at sniffing out a website worthy of the Divine CSS showcase gallery”.

Doodlage  Unique and funny site dedicated to the art of the doodle. In their own words, “On a quest to elevate doodling to the status of an art form that it deserves!”

Doug Cloud   Blog from Doug with tutorials and advice. Doesn’t post frequently, but very useful when he does.

Drawn  A collaborative weblog for illustrators, artists, cartoonists, and anyone who likes to draw.

Dwell  The online version of Dwell Magazine. Architecture and interior design.

Dzine   Yugendran’s blog on design tutorials, inspiration, freebies and more.

Elite By Design  Brian Lovin’s blog on web design and Photoshop inspiration.

Elliot Jay Stocks  A well known public speaker and personality in the design world. Oh, and cool design work too!

From The Couch  Hosted by brothers Marc and David Perel, this online web TV show covers everything web orientated – design, development and more.

Fudge Graphics   Blog from Franz Jeitz covering graphic design, sources of inspiration and freebies.

Fuel Your Creativity  Awesome resource from the folks at the Fuel Brand Network. Great articles and links to inspirational design resources.

Giackop   Blog from Giacomo Coppola, a web and graphic designer from Italy.

GoMediaZine  Is a site dedicated to art and graphic design. Includes tutorials, freebies and advice. For example, this post on Thoughts on Design Integrity. Getting what you want from your client.

Graphic Design Blog   High quality blog with features, interviews and design inspiration. Loved this article.

The Graphic Mac   James Dempsey’s blog containing advice on all things Mac, especially for new Mac users and designers.

HelpDeveloper  Simon North’s blog on web design techniques, inspiration and web design business. Simon also runs

Hongkiat  A blog from Hongkiat Lim covering Photoshop, web design, WordPress and much more. Excellent resource.

How Magazine   Online magazinefrom the folks at the How group.

I’m Just Creative   Logo and brand identity blog from Graham Smith covering a wide range of design topics with an emphasis on logo design and identity. Includes his expanding portfolio.

I am Khayyam  Completely original blog from Khayyam Wakil.  Check out It took me 25 minutes to design my ultimate business card.

Inspiredology  Great blog from Chad Mueller covering a huge range of things web and design related

IxDA   The website and forum of the Interaction Design Association, an amazingly active member organisation for IX designers.

Janko At Warp Speed  Janko Jovanovic is a solution architect, developer, designer and artist. His blog includes articles, resources and reviews. Check out his new ebook.

Joel on Software  The blog from the fabulous Joel Spolsky, founder of Fog Creek Software and immensely respected entrepreneur – may we say “guru”?

Just Creative Design  Blog from Jacob Cass, a designer & blogger with a fast-growing following and great design insight. Particularly strong on things logo-related.

Kathryn Corrick   Thought provoking blog from Kathryn Corrick, a digital media consultant in the UK.

Larissa Meek   Blog from Larissa Meek, creative director at AgencyNet and regular speaker on the conference circuit.

LifeDev  Describes itself as “Empowering Creative People”. LiveDev is a genuinely original blog providing advice and ideas about creativity, art and design, for example, Four Reasons Why Fear is a Creative’s Friend.

Line25   Another blog from Chris Spooner of Spoongraphics. Line25 focuses more on web design.

Lines and Colors  A blog from Charley Parker about drawing, sketching, painting, comics, cartoons, webcomics, illustration, digital art, concept art,  and much more. Charley created the fantastic Argon Zark web comic.

Loon Design   Kailoon is from Malaysia and is one of the reviewers for ThemeForest. His blog covers drawing and design, especially Illustrator and Photoshop.

Marketing Fresh Peel  Chris Wilson’s blog on marketing, branding and innovation.

MarketingSherpa  One of the strongest marketing blogs out there. Not always directly design-related, but impacts design thinking none the less.

MarcoFolio  Blog from Marco Kuiper in The Netherlands covering links, cool designs and the great monthly imagedump.

Method to the Mayhem   Great blog about marketing, design, self-promotion and business from Calvin Lee at Mayhem Studios, who is also one of the most prolific designers on Twitter.

My Ink Blog  Andrew Houle’s fantastic resource for all graphic and web designers. Also, beautifully designed IOHO.

Naldz Graphics   Provides tutorials, tips, resources, inspirations, freebies and other interesting things.

Nerd Business  Top of the list for innovative, thought provoking and original posts.

.Net Magazine   Online version of the UK’s .Net Magazine.

Nettuts+  From the Envato team and aimed at web developers and designers.  Offers tutorials and articles on technologies, skills and techniques to improve how we design and build websites.

Noupe   For designers and web-developers, Noupe provides news, articles and tutorials on all subjects of design, ranging from; CSS, Ajax, Javascript, web design, graphics, typography, advertising and more.

Observin   Cool blog covering design related topics.

Outlaw Design Blog   Fresh and inspiring design blog by Danny Outlaw. Great emphasis on passive income, which is an objective of many freelancers.

PointBrake  Blog from Ann Edwards, a web designer and developer from the Midwest. Covers topics from web development to freelancing.

Positive Space Blog   A great blog from Anthony Zinni with topics that range from the typical inspirational roundup to functional articles based around running a successful agency and working as a professional graphic designer.

Pro Blog Design   A more technically focused blog covering many aspects of blog design, creation and development.

Reaction  High quality blog from the folks at Etre.

Redswish   Great blog from Nathan Beck, a designer working in Manchester, England.

Scene 360 Illusion   The illusion project highlights artwork that is “unique”—amazing for its skills, level of creativity and vision.

sCommerce   sCommerce is a self-hosted blog site for news and stories on Social Commerce and Social Sourcing.

Sharebrain   Great site for web designers from Thomas in Germany. Covers front end web development as much as design.

SiteInspire   Blog by Daniel Howells showcasing innovative and high quality website design. Well edited.

Sitepoint   One of the biggest and broadest design resources on the web. One of the top 3 most popular ebusiness websites in the world.

Six Revisions  Provides great resources for people who design AND code. Founded by Jacob Gube who also writes for  Smashing Magazine.

Smashing Apps  Describes itself as “Free and useful online resources for designers and developers”.

Smashing Magazine  One of the biggest graphic and web design blogs out there. Awesomely original articles covering  a huge range of subjects. Known for really in-depth and original pieces.  Blog of Jonathan Snook,  well known designer, coder and man-about-web. More technically focused than some blogs on this list.

SpeckyBoy   Mostly “top” lists, and very well put together/edited. How lists like this should be done.

SpoonFedDesign   Blog from Matt with some genuinely original tutorials and design inspiratons.

Spoon Graphics  The blog of Chris Spooner, a well respected designer and blogger, covering a range of design subjects, with an emphasis on vector work and graphic design. See also Line25.   Blog from Roger Byrne, originally from England, now in Egypt. Posts his own tutorials, “best of” lists, etc.

SwissMiss  A “must read” blog from Tina Roth Eisenberg, covering an eclectic mix of “design” that is quirky, cool, or simply inspiring. How she finds time to blog and run her design business beats me. Great resource.

That Indie Dude   Alex Linebrink’s blog – really forthright views on how design and design blogging is becoming “me too”. Having looked at over 400 design blogs we truly buy into that!

The Design Superhero  Blog from Aravind Ajith in Bangalore, the design superhero is a design blog which handles posts on design, CSS, usability, inspiration and tutorials. Also gives away a lot of design freebies.

The Everyday Web Expert  Is a blog from The Everyday Web Expert, a full service web design company run by Kyle Reddoch.

ThinkDesign  Blog by Nick Pagano of ThinkFour with design resources, freebies and inspiration.

Think Vitamin  Great design resource from the folks at Carsonified.

Tianodesign  Thought provoking blog from Stephen Tiano that includes design issues and a lot more. Very original thinking.

Tony Naccarato   Cool blog with great viewpoints from designer Tony who runs 325studio.

Tracey Grady Design   Great blog from Tracey who is based in Hobart, Tasmania (Australia).

Turbomilk   Great blog from an icon design team in Samara, Russia. If you are into icon design, this is a must-read blog.

Typographica  Awesome resource for typefaces, fonts and typographic design.

Unbeige  Mediabistro’s blog about design, “Where designers read design”.

Under Consideration  One we missed initially.  Oops!  Definitely worth including.

UsabilityPost  Blog from Dmitry Fadeyev who also writes for Smashing Magazine. Covers tips and insights into good design practice including articles like 8 Characteristics Of Successful User Interfaces.

UXMatters   Online magazine about user experience design strategies.

Vandelay Design  Blog covering a range of design topics, plus a showcase of design galleries.

Veerle’s Blog   Top graphic design blog from Veerle Pieters.

We Are Just Creative   UGC blog showcasing, well… anything creative. Run by Graham Smith who also runs I’m just Creative.

WebAppers   Blog by Ray Cheung focusing on open source, high quality and free resources for web developers.

Webdesigner Depot   A collaboration between leading designers around the world providing a wealth of expertise in all fields of design, such as coding, typography, Photoshop tutorial, etc.

Web Designer Mag   Design focused online magazine from the UK.

Web Design Ledger  Broad design blog covering design tutorials, resources, inspiration and freebies.

WebDesignerWall   Design ideas and tutorials from Nick La of N.Design Studio and who also runs Best Web Gallery.

WebJackaloupe  Blog from Glen Stansberry covering a range of web design and development topics such as  Taking Back the Homepage: 12 Ways to Design For the Fickle Web User

WebResources Depot  Free web resources for web designers and developers.

WebToolkit4Me  A blog from Gerasimos based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Lists bookmarks to great resources covering design, frontend development, backend development, SEO and useful apps.

WeFunction   The blog from the team at Function, containing interviews, tips, icons and more.

Well Medicated  Great blog from Andrew Lindstrom with inspirational links, showcases and freebies.

YouTheDesigner   Blog from Gino Orlandi featuring tips, freebies and jobs.

Freelance Life

Blog Perfume  Bills itself as a WordPress related site, but covers a wider range of subjects for designers, writers and bloggers.  Always useful.

Escape from Cubicle Nation   Blog by Pamela Slim, a coach and writer who helps frustrated employees in corporate jobs break out and start their own business.

Freelance Folder   A great collection of articles from an awesome group of writers, including

Freelance Switch  This is one of the top blogs for freelancers. It is packed with advice, news and opinion pieces from top freelancers, plus the great Freelance Freedom cartoon series from NC Winters.  A great example of the posts is this article on 50 Simple Marketing Ideas All Freelancers Can Use.

Fresh Thinking  Ok, this is a product blog by the folks at Freshbooks, but it contains lots of useful information for budding freelancers.

Lifehacker  Ever popular blog that features tips, shortcuts, and downloads that help you get things done smarter and more efficiently.

Men With Pens    Great blog from the team at Men With Pens focusing on web business for writers, freelancers and online entrepreneurs.

Paul Graham  Not really a design blog, but a great inspiration to anyone working as an entrepreneur.

Ronnie Lebow   Blog from one of Canada’s leading creative directors.  If you are freelancing, this is a MUST.

Photoshop & Illustrator Sites  Photoshop tutorials, resources and freebies from Johnson Koh in Singapore.

AiBURN  Is a site from Sean Hodge who is also a writer for PSDTUTS, Smashing Magazine and GoMediaZine. Centres on vector graphics, but covers a lot more.

BrushKing   Brushes and tutorials.What more can we say?

High Resolution Textures  Close-up photographs of surfaces such as wood, stone, metal or fabric.

Layers Magazine  Magazine for everything Adobe

Lost and Taken  Caleb Kimbrough’s fantastic resource of free textures.

Photoshop Creative   Provides Photoshop users with lashings of practical advice and inspiration.

PSDFan   PSD tutorial site from Tom Ross.

PSDtuts+  From the Envato team and aimed at web developers and designers.  Showcases some of the best Photoshop tutorials around.

QBrushes   A Photoshop resource site showcasing quality Photoshop brushes from different talented designers.

QVectors   Showcase site for free quality vector images from around the net.

RasterVector   Wonderful resource for all things Mac and Adobe.

Tutorial9  A group authored site run by David Leggett with tutorials on Photoshop, photography, web design, blogging and more.

TutorialKing  A collection of high quality Photoshop tutorials.

Tutzor   Photoshop tutorials from Walter.

Vector Diary   Vectordiary is a blog on vector illustration. It was created by Tony Soh who is an exclusive vector art contributor to iStockphoto.

Vectips   Site by Ryan Putnam (Rype) dedicated to Adobe Illustrator® tips, tricks, and tutorials.

Vector Diary   Vectordiary is a blog on vector illustration. It was created by Tony Soh who is an exclusive vector art contributor to iStockphoto.

VectorTuts+   From the Envato team.

Vector Vault   Huge collection of vector art and related articles. Includes free downloads, content and tips.

Wake Up Later   Blog from Samuel Ryan writing about freelancing and entrepreneurship.

We are not Freelancers   Not about freelancers, but about a web design firm in South Africa.Nice approach dubunking the myth that all web designers are freelance.

Web Worker Daily   Practical tips and advice for anyone who uses the web for work.  Excellent resource for freelance designers.

Advertising Sites

Adrants  Round-up of ads and marketing news from around the world, edited by Steve Hall and Angela Natividada.

Ads of the World   Community site for people in advertising. Includes a huge archive of ads from around the world, news, a forum and much more.

AdGoodness  Advertising showcase created by Frederik Samuel who describes the site as “The best and sometimes the worst around the globe”.

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Heck of a list there, I wouldn't be surprised if it really was the biggest ever list of design blogs! Thanks for the mention. 😀

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Thanks so much, I'm very pleased to make the big list! I'm very glad to hear you like my blog.

By coincidence, I read an online review today which said some very positive things about ProofHQ, so I'll be interested to check it out :)

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Keep up the great work!

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Can I "auto-suggest" Web Design Blog, a free vector graphics blog:… !



great work friend. relly big list. i like it and i will digg it and tweet it.

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Great list! When it comes to design, I could also suggest my own, I'm not writing at a regular basis like those listed, but you can also find some tutorials and inspiration on mine. 😉

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Thanks for including me in your mega list of great design blogs. :)

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Great list! Def. will follow a few I'm not already. :)

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All the reasons to just read, and don't start a new blog :) Quite an overcrowded market!

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Great list! A few I have not been to in a while

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man alive… that's one hell of a list!!! is my personal fave… far higher standard than most of the generic, web 2.0, tacky junk that shows up on some of these! :)

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Thanks for the list, I am hoping this will help me in finding a freelancer for redoing my blog

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Holy Smokers! That's huge.

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what a great list! when I am done digging through the list, I am sure that I will have found some new gems, which I wasn't aware of yet. and many thanks for including my texture blog! much appreciated

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Thanks for compiling this list. Clearly, lots else out there. The Dieline is amazing for ideas.

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Thats a list and a half, but you missed one 😉

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Oh come on!, one of the most popular and earliest type & design blogs out there, isn't even on your list? wth kind of half-assed directory is this? :)

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And yeah, leaving off Under Consideration, possibly the most influential design blog out there, is kind of bizarre. I think your list is more a "desktop publishing" list than a serious design blog list.

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Wow, amazing list guys. Thanks for including PSDFAN.

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Thanks for mentioning my site ( ) on your list! Some great resources in this list, a few I've never seen before.

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Great List! I would suggest for the Photoshop section.

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I would also recommend for free vectors and tutorials.

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This is a great list. I now have a lot more sites to start reading and following. Also, thanks for the mention.

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I'm overwhelmed. Truly. It's a list that you don't get over with in a minute or two. It's something you bookmark, you cherish and keep returning to time and again. Thanks a ton.

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Thanks for including CrazyLeaf Design in such a great list.

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Thanks very much for including my site and the humorous "rock star" description! :)

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Looks like you missed my design blog. 6 Revisions put us in their 30 design blogs to follow! Oops!

Nonetheless, incredibly detailed list, well done.

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Great resource, thanks for sharing.

How about…

Patternhead for free vector patterns

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3 words: Less is more.

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I'm a designer and I have a blog. If you're interested it's here:

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I am honoured to have been included and

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I can't believe how this industry has grown. So many programs, formats and topics. A list such as this with real content is nice to see. It is great fun to see how inventive people can be and I am so thankful everyone is not getting sucked into being a couch potato.

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really big :) thanks for the include :)

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I'll never be able to get to all of these, but I'll try my best. Thanks!

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How can you forget One of the most popular design blogs these days… Anyway.. you got a good list here…

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Wow…heck of a list! I think this is the biggest ever list of design blogs I have come across. This is going to keep me busy for a while. Moreover, you list proves the continuous growth of the industry and the contribution of such innovative minds. Also thanks for mentioning the advertising sites.

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Great list! There are so many blogs out there…thanks for putting the good ones all in one place!

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Wow, that really is quite a list. I've seen some more comprehensive ones recently, but as of 2009 when this was published, this truly could have been the biggest list ever. Of course, at the rate of growth of blogs, who could keep a list current?~

avatar Mark Page is also a site with some great resources for your customers.

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Hi Curtis, we have switched this functionality on the blog off now so you should no longer receive these email notifications. But let us know if you still have problems!

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