Top 8 Retail Blogs and News Websites

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We have created a list of marketing blogs and news websites that we think are great for keeping up with news about retail marketing trends and technologies. We have also highlighted some recent articles that we liked from each one to give you a flavor of what they have to offer.


The National Retail Federation’s website is a go-to for retail industry news, whitepapers and events. They also have great webinars – if you’re quick, you can register for The State of Retailing Online (SORO) Report Findings and Analysis: 2012 Mobile Marketing Edition webinar – this seems like a great topic as mobile marketing in retail has huge momentum.

Multichannel Merchant

Mutlichannel Merchant has great articles on multichannel marketing, ecommerce, social media and operations. There are also highly informative whitepapers and webinars. The site is packed with useful advice such as 5 Questions That Will Help With Up-selling and Cross-selling.

Mass Market Retailers

The Mass Market Retailers site focuses on news, finance, people and other topics related to supermarket, drug and discount chains. It also offers opinion articles such as Let’s not rush to judge Walmart that are well-balanced and add perspective to recent news.

The Shelf Edge

The Shelf Edge offers great pieces about technologies for retail marketing. A recent article, QR Should Mean “Quit Resuscitating”, summed up my personal thoughts on QR codes well.

Forrester Blogs: retail

Forrester blogs are always insightful, and the blogs in their retail category are no exception. There was an interesting recent article about daily deals and voucher sites entitled Thinking of launching a daily deal? Just hold that thought and read this first… that relates well to our blog about Why print coupons are here to stay… for now.

Retail Customer Experience

Retail Customer Experience has a strapline that reads “discover the return on Experience” and it doesn’t disappoint. This website offers an exhaustive list of topics related to the retail industry including recent news, whitepapers and many marketing topics. One recent popular topic is the Samsung Survey: 66 percent of retailers exploring mobile POS. It’s a fascinating read and divulges that 46% of retailers in the survey said they were currently piloting or starting trials for mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) in the next 36 months for sales associates or line-busting in stores.

Retail Marketing Insights

Retail Marketing Insights describes itself as a “blog about engaging the customer” and covers topics like daily deals, social media, ecommerce. It also covers emerging technologies and services such as Pinterest, a social media “pin board” website that has been gaining a lot of traction in the retail industry lately due to the reportedly high conversion rates for retailers. See our pin on Is Pinterest the Next Social Commerce Game Changer?.

Retailing Today

As “the online connection to America’s highest-volume retailers”, Retailing Today covers topics split by product categories, retail news and news that focuses on Target and Walmart. Of course we couldn’t mention Retailing Today without recommending that you check out our CEO, Mat Atkinson’s article on their website on Circulars in the Digital Age.

Have we missed any great news websites or blogs that you would recommend? Leave a comment below if you can add to the list!

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avatar Amy Hanson

Thanks for these resources! I am always looking for new retail blogs and this gave me some new ideas.

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avatar V Rajesh

“An Indian and a Retailer” is a leading blog about Indian Retail. Given the international interest in the Indian Retail sector, this could be included to the list.


No. 1 in the “Indian Retail Blog” online search

avatar Cliff

Very cool! I checked out most of the links and they appear to cover a wide dynamic range of retail partners. Working with Rich Ltd means I see a lot of different needs and boy is the world changing for retail!

avatar Dan Merns

Thank you for this list, another good resource for retail industry blog is

My company also has a blog where we touch on a range of retail topics –

avatar Ignite Retail Designs

Thanks for the list. I really needed it.

avatar Fabien Tiburce

Fantastic list of retail blogs! We’ve just expanded our reading list. For readers interested in retail execution specifically, we’d also recommend

avatar Rokeshik Dari

very useful information thanks for sharing

avatar Nathalie

what a great list!
Here is another retail blog, specifically targeted toward the retail industry in China.

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