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We have just released some important updates to the proof page design.  The aim is to make it even simpler for your reviewers to work with proofs inside ProofHQ.One of the most common pieces of feedback that we get from customers is that they want their clients to INSTANTLY understand ProofHQ when they open a proof for the first time.  This creates a design dilemma – how to make things simple for first time users, without hiding tools that more experienced users want quick access to.  Mark Suster covered this subject in his recent post Building Products for Mass Adoption.  Admittedly, ProofHQ is not a mass market product like Flickr or You Tube, but the principles of “Design for novices, configure for power users” still applies to a more specialist business application like ours – especially one that is used by our customers to work collaboratively with their clients.This led us to take a look at how people new to ProofHQ react when they open their first proof.  Common reactions were:“There are too many buttons, what do I do first?”“Why have the Add Comment and New Decision buttons disappeared?”“How do I know that I already made a decision?”Based on that feedback we looked at ways to cut down on the information displayed when the proof first opens and also make it clearer to users what the current status of the proof is.The main changes are:

  • Reducing the clutter in the header by having just a single row of tools and adding a tool “ribbon” that only displays when one of the tools are clicked.
  • Having the sidebar minimised on opening if there are no comments on the proof.
  • Changing the decision button text once a person has made a decision.
  • If the person is “Read Only” showing that text instead of the Add Comment and Make Decision buttons.
  • If the proof is “Locked” showing that text instead of the Add Comment and Make Decision buttons.
  • We have also tidied up the “compare mode” design so that you can see the proof names at the top of the page.

This movie explains more.

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