Our Story

How we started – our Vision

ProofHQ was founded in 2007 with the simple realization that, for most marketing teams, the process for managing review and approval of creative content was broken. Marketing teams were producing more content, in less time, for more channels (especially digital), but they had not adapted the way they worked. This led Mat Atkinson and his team to envision an online proofing platform that would solve the problem, produce rapid results and deliver real value. We envisaged a platform that would enable reviewers to review any piece of content, on any device, at any time – increasing the velocity and accuracy of the marketing team’s output every day.


What we want to be when we grow up – our Mission

Very simply, we want to be the company that defines and leads the market for online proofing. We believe that we can do this by delivering an unparalleled experience for our employees and customers. Why employees before customers? We believe that if employees at ProofHQ love what they do, they will do everything they can to make our customers happy.


Our People & Culture

The team at ProofHQ make our company what it is. We are a diverse group, with people in Poland, the United States and the United Kingdom. More than two-thirds of the people in the company work remotely. We therefore hire carefully to make sure that everyone joining the company will fit with the culture and enjoy what they do. Our company culture is at the heart of everything we do. It drives how we treat each other, our customers and our partners. It is so important to us that we share it publicly.

How We Work

Our company culture and values guide the way that we act. To guide us in what we do, we have a mantra of:

Fast, Simple & Scalable


Everything we do in the company, every decision we make about our product, has service and our operating model is tested against this principle. If we can’t do it quickly, if it is not simple, and if it doesn’t scale, then we don’t do it.


Our Customers

We are fortunate to have 3,000 amazing customers in 48 countries around the world. Check out some of THEIR stories.