ASUS Brazil

World’s fifth largest PC vendor uses ProofHQ to simplify and accelerate its complex proofing process



“ProofHQ has given us greater agility and productivity allowing for greater execution on our jobs. The approval process is now in a very good place.”

Edson Ogata, Head of Creative, ASUS Brazil

A global computer manufacturer must review and approve a multitude of creative work to keep pace with new product launches. The scope includes web banners, newsletters, catalogs, magazines, point-of-sale materials and presentations. ASUS’ complex review cycle involves distributing proofs to reviewers in multiple departments before release.  All materials must meet strict quality standards and accurately reflect brand identity.


problem 1


solution 1

ASUS used email and PDF attachments to route proofs to reviewers. However, many of them did not have access to markup tools in Adobe Acrobat, so they could not markup proofs and were forced to describe their feedback in emails. It became very cumbersome and time-consuming for designers to link these comments to the visuals in the proofs. Gaining clarity required seemingly endless rounds of emails, bombarding inboxes and adversely affecting the marketing team’s ability to deliver materials on time. Considering the size of the review team and the sheer volume of content for review, ASUS needed a proofing solution that could deploy quickly with minimal training. ProofHQ’s workflow experts worked directly with ASUS on a deployment that was incredibly fast and tailored to their specific workflow. Using ProofHQ’s simple online markup and commenting tools, ASUS instantly improved their communication and collaboration.


ASUS’ review and approval is now much more efficient, giving more time to the creative team to take on new projects. The time saved from fewer revisions has generated real cost savings for the company. Marketing projects are completed faster and the new level of quality control ensures that each piece of creative follows brand guidelines and is of the highest possible standard.