Automated Workflow takes project efficiency to a new level

Build on the incredible benefits of ProofHQ; manage and complete projects quicker







Decide the steps in your approval process, set up the workflow details for the project, then let ProofHQ do the work. There’s no need to worry about performing time-consuming activities like sending notification emails or following up with team members – the system automates these tasks and many more.


Automating approval workflows is especially helpful for brands or agencies with multi-stage/multi-group approvals. When there are many people involved or large volumes of work, lots of effort is needed to manage the work. Automating the workflow significantly reduces this effort and keeps the project moving forward efficiently.

Automated Workflow in action









How Automated Workflow saves time
and simplifies the approval process

Customize your workflows
– decide the interconnected workflow stages necessary for your project, add the right people and timelines and set it up once in ProofHQ.


Workflow triggers do the work for you
– when it’s time for the next review phase to begin, everyone is automatically notified. No manual intervention is needed.


Save workflows as templates
– Is this a workflow you’ll use again? No need to reinvent the wheel. Just save as a template so it’s ready for the next time you need it.


See project status at a glance
– the Automated Workflow diagram gives real-time visual feedback, so you can easily see what stage the project is in.


Simple, elegant design
– We’ve kept the interface simple and elegant, but packed a lot of intelligence and control under the hood.


Perfect for complex projects
– Having many reviewers or large volumes of proofs means lots to manage and keep track of. Let ProofHQ’s Automated Workflow do it for you.