Benefits of Using ProofHQ

Significant advantages of adopting online proofing tool in a short time


At ProofHQ we believe that it is crucial to prove the benefits from using our software. Our philosophy is to use solid data and hard facts to show that ProofHQ delivers real value. With that in mind, we asked IntelliLink, an independent consulting firm specializing in marketing process re-engineering, to verify and quantify the profit metrics. Using surveys and detailed interviews with ProofHQ customers, Intellilink measured the business and financial return of online proofing solution.



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“Every survey participant indicated they saw significant benefits after implementing ProofHQ. The findings are impressive and … real!“ Patrick Boylan, President & CEO at Intellilink




56%* faster speed-to-market


More productive workflow

Managing multiple versions, segmentation and localization across different output channels can be a proofing and approval nightmare. Standardized, streamlined workflow makes it possible to manage the complex approval process with efficiency, accuracy and speed. With ProofHQ, review teams spend less time manually printing, posting and routing proofs, and consolidating feedback from email and PDF attachments.

4,441%* of median internal rates of return (IRR)


Impressive ROI

The median rate of return from a ProofHQ implementation is 4,441 percent. For every $1 spent on the solution, ProofHQ customers get $40 back every month by making proofing workflow more effective. Users gain faster, more efficient workflows at a fraction of the costs.


4* week payback period

roi payback

Fast implementation 

ProofHQ customers see a return-on-investment very quickly with minimal training. The average payback period after introducing online proofing is less than four weeks, irrespective of industry or proofing workload.


59%* reduction in effort spent managing proofs


Centralized, consolidated feedback

No more searching through email chains for the most recent layouts or comments. No more endless rounds of meetings and conference calls.
Multiple versions and constant change requests impact proofing accuracy and efficiency. ProofHQ keeps comments, feedback and response dialogue organized and available directly on the proofs themselves. Users can comment on the design project and on the remarks of other reviewers. Side-by-side version comparisons ensure change requests are met.

29%* fewer revisions


Faster consensus and decisions result in quicker project turnaround and speed to market. Since fewer rounds of revisions are required, users also save money.


Enable remote working


Anytime, anywhere proofing

Proofs are shared via web browser so, distributed review teams can proof instantly online anytime, anywhere, even when out of the office. Creative services, merchandising, advertising and content coordinators get real-time views of feedback and approval status to keep projects on track.

Message consistency

many files

Multi-channel synchronization

ProofHQ keeps creative assets organized and synchronized for both traditional and digital media. Catalogs, direct mail, packaging, in-store signage, print ads, web pages, banner ads, mobile pages, audio, video and more – all media content is organized, distributed and approved faster than hard copy and PDF proofing.


38%* of customers use ProofHQ to improve audit trails for compliance

magnifying glass

Compliance was never easier

Truth-in-advertising and other regulations require users to ensure accurate branding, pricing and copy. All project versions are time-stamps, then ProofHQ stores them as an organized, traceable audit trail.


Environment friendly


Environmental benefits

Significant environmental benefits result from the online proofing model. 100% web-based proofs are visually accurate, but require no paper, ink or courier transport.

* Data obtained from an independent survey of ProofHQ customers conducted by Intellilink.