iPhone & iPad App: Log-in on the Go!

The ProofHQ iPhone and iPad apps now include their own dashboards.

Simply load the app on your device. Then, enter your ProofHQ log-in details and you will be taken to the app’s dashboard.


ProofHQ iPhone app loginProofHQ iPhone app dashboard

Access Your Proofs

The mobile version of ProofHQ now includes its own simplified dashboard tailored to your device. It has two default views:

  • My Proofs: shows all proofs that you own
  • All Proofs: shows all proofs that you have access to

It sorts proofs by created date – latest to oldest.

iPhone app list of proofs

Review a Proof

To open a proof simply click on the proof name in the list to open and view the proof directly on your mobile device. Please note that SWF files are not supported by iOS devices right now so you will see a popup notice advising you to view this proof on a flash-supported browser.

Proof viewer: portrait

Rotate and Zoom Views

Rotate your iPhone or iPad to display the proof in either landscape or portrait view. Use your mobile zoom and pan features for a closer look.

Proof viewer: landscape

Making comments and decisions

Select the Comment or Decision button to submit feedback as you normally do in ProofHQ.

Commenting on the iPhone appSubmitting a decision on the iPhone app


Download the iPhone / iPad app now from itunes.apple.com, or read more about the app on our help site.


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  3. Christophe says:

    Android soon? This app has been available for Android for a few years now and still not on Android… Are you guys working on an android version? It is really frustrating not being able to review things on my phone…

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