Boiron USA

Homeopathic medicine manufacturer cuts approval time from seven days down to just two

Boiron USA Case Study


“ProofHQ is a fantastic system to help us keep track of how we present our medicines, label them, and talk about them in general.”

Alissa Gould, Public Relations Manager, Boiron USA

Boiron is the largest manufacturer of homeopathic medicines, operating five production facilities, 60 distribution platforms and 18 subsidiaries throughout the world. The company develops large volumes of marketing content that must be reviewed across multiple departments including public relations, legal and pharmacy before being distributed to consumers. Boiron Public Relations Manager Alissa Gould talks about the proof workflow and review process.


Boiron creates all types of consumer and training materials, from company newsletters to packaging projects. Anything that’s written and/or distributed to the public must be carefully reviewed. The teams need to be connected to ensure that when they talk about their medicines, their messages are consistent and they’re providing statements they are legally able to make.



Boiron USA Case Study