Two common workflows with multiple variations


As of May 2011, 1.5 million individual reviewers and approvers have used ProofHQ. We have a diverse customer base representing a number of industries, and while some customers use somewhat exotic workflows, the majority have standardized on 1 of the following 2 workflows for reviewing and approving documents (e.g., PDF, Word), presentations (e.g., PowerPoint), web (e.g., .html, .png, .jpg), audio (e.g., .mp3), video (e.g., MPEG-4) and interactive (e.g., Flash) content. 


Basic review and approval workflow

By far, the most common workflow includes a designer and perhaps an account or project manager, and a client.

Simple Workflow


The designer creates the content, then creates the proof by uploading the content to ProofHQ. If an account or project manager acts as a liaison for the client, then the designer will often make the account/project manager the owner of the proof. The proof owner then shares the proof with the client.


Once the client receives the initial email invitation to review the proof, she will click on the link to open the proof, add comments and make a decision (e.g., Approved with changes).


The proof owner (designer or account/project manager) will receive email updates, and when the client has made a comment or decision, will know to open the proof and make or request the appropriate changes. Once the changes are made and a new version of the proof created, the client will be invited to review the new version.


This process can be repeated as often as necessary, until the client declares a version of the proof “Approved”.

Internal review then external approval

Several of our customers review and approve content in stages. Often, one or more rounds of internal reviews happen before the person(s) or team(s) responsible for approving the content even sees the first proof. This is very common in healthcare and financial services, so that the marketing department can produce near-final content before sending to technical or compliance staff for approval.

Internal External


In this workflow, the designer would create a proof, but would make only internal people reviewers. The account or project manager and other colleagues would review the proof and make comments or even request initial changes. The designer would address the comments and may even create a new, updated version of the proof.


The account or project manager would then share the proof with the client. The client receives an email with a “one-click” link to the proof, and the rest of the workflow is very much like the basic workflow, above.

Custom workflows

ProofHQ can support almost any workflow. During the initial account review, we work with customers to define their workflow needs, and help them to configure their ProofHQ account to support their unique workflow.


For more information about these and other workflows, see our Help system.


If you would like to see how well ProofHQ can adapt to your workflow, you should give ProofHQ a try.