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ProofHQ keeps review of packaging design elements organized for faster workflow

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Packaging review and approval are critical steps in the successful launch of a consumer product. Effective package designs communicate a product’s brand identity to consumers. Dimensional package layouts must be mechanically precise, because downstream production depends on their accuracy. Food, beverage and pharmaceutical products require regulatory and ingredients disclaimers, as well as multilingual versions when products are distributed globally. A careful review process ensures all packaging elements come together correctly.




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The packaging review process can be difficult to manage: emails, attachments, hardcopies and FTP uploads must be captured, updated and routed. When goods are produced in international locations, packaging designs need approval by reviewers at distributed sites. Technical and legal teams want to make sure correct regulatory content is in place, but manual processes make all of this difficult and time-consuming. The ProofHQ online proofing system streamlines review and approval, so teams can more effectively and creatively manage the packaging design process. Internal and external teams can work together with fewer obstacles and faster collaboration to get new packaged goods to market ahead of the competition.


  • 56%* faster project delivery for quicker speed to market
  • Integrated development of multi-channel marketing
  • Real-time collaboration and feedback across global teams
  • Greater visibility into project bottlenecks
  • Approval accuracy and time-stamped audit trail
  • Average number of revisions reduced from 3.9 to 2.8*, a 29%* reduction.
  • Streamlined proofing reduces time spent managing reviews by an average of 59%*.
  • On average, Internal Rate of Return is 4,441%*, or $40 for every $1 spent on ProofHQ.

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Raves from packaged goods marketers

Here is what packaged goods marketers say about productive ProofHQ proofing tools and automation.




“We now use ProofHQ to enable us to streamline our approval and review process whilst also providing us with some fantastic proofing tools which enable very coherent communication between reviewer and author.”

Lee Taylor, International Technical Director, Sunny Delight




innocent-team-photo-80x80“ProofHQ has revolutionised the way we proof our designs. We have lots of live projects simultaneously and with ProofHQ it’s easy to follow up what’s been done and what needs to be done, all the comments stay in one place and there’s no issues of losing information. The way you can mark up directly on the digital proof it’s a bliss. Our technical team are well chuffed about this new technology “it’s the future”. I particularly love the fact that I can check my proofs anywhere and not only in the office – bring it on working from home.

Happy days with ProofHQ – yeah yeah”

Delia Alarcon, Innocent