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Online proofing: a digital tool for digital marketing campaigns

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Digital marketing agencies help their clients take advantage of powerful new ways to connect with customers. Web pages, emails, video, downloadable PDFs, Flash banners and other online marketing tools work together with social marketing to create integrated, trackable campaigns. Production workflow requires better ways to review these different types of marketing asset. Online proofing with support for a wide range of formats keeps digital marketers on top of their online projects.




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Digital campaigns can have lower costs than traditional marketing, but the complexity of programming, structuring and proofing is often more challenging. Files can be too large to share by email, and FTP sites do not always work as expected. Agency clients may lack the proper software to view the different types of files that go into a fully loaded campaign. Time to market is delayed when reviewers must juggle separate proofing platforms for every element of a campaign. ProofHQ online proofing helps digital agencies and their clients overcome barriers to reviewing campaigns and getting projects completed on time. Clients can review work and provide feedback from one, easy to use platform. Account service and communication are more professional and thorough.


  • 56%* faster project delivery
  • Integrated development of multi-channel marketing
  • Real-time collaboration across global teams
  • Up to 90%* faster approvals
  • Greater visibility into project bottlenecks
  • Approval accuracy and time-stamped audit trail
  • Average number of revisions reduced from 3.9 to 2.8*, a 29%* reduction.
  • Streamlined proofing reduces time spent managing reviews by an average of 59%*
  • On average, Internal Rate of Return is 4,441%*, or $40 for every $1 spent on ProofHQ

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Raves from digital marketers

Here is what digital marketers say about productive ProofHQ proofing tools and automation.



Doner“ProofHQ has made our approval process more lean. As a result, review and approvals are completed in a more timely manner”

Erin Wereb, Senior Product Manager, Doner





endis-logo-01-80x80“ProofHQ has empowered our clients to contribute accurately without needing any additional software”

Robby Morales, Creative Director, Endis



alvin_kline“Using ProofHQ and Basecamp together transforms how we work with clients to get feedback on design work.”

Avin Kline, Founder, Web Success




lucinda“ProofHQ is totally awesome and the support is quite unlike any other support I have ever had, really personalised and immensely helpful. The video tutorials are enlightening too, but after a few days you soon get the hang of it either way. Whilst the first plan is free, you soon find yourself upgrading as it’s so good, you’ll be using it for all of your work”

Lucinda Holland, Founder, Lucida Design



Switch Video“Proofing/creative approvals – ProofHQ. ProofHQ is amazing, it’s streamlined our creative process with our clients and actually improve the quality of our work because we’re finally able to manage client feedback and approvals on all our creative work.”

Kim Gardner, Switch Video




Wired Canvas“We have found ProofHQ to be an incredibly useful tool – in particular for handling large text-heavy documents. It saves us a lot of time that used to be spent trawling through copy, whereas now we can collect all changes in one place, which is a huge relief!

Multiple people can proof and comment on a document at once, and even comment on each other’s changes – which is ideal for us since many of our clients’ employees work in separate offices from one another. It is also very handy to be able to embed it into Basecamp, making it much easier to keep track of everything when dealing with multiple jobs.

Another great advantage of ProofHQ is that it is very self-explanatory; we regularly send proofs to new clients and haven’t yet once had to explain how to use it – they just ‘get’ it.

All in all, we have found ProofHQ an indispensible addition to our workflow.”

Alice Ralph, Wired Canvas



Alienation Digital“We started using ProofHQ as it presented the opportunity to improve the way in which we communicate with our clients about wireframes and design concepts, whilst integrating seamlessly with our Project Management software. It has proven invaluable to Alienation Digital, allowing our clients to easily feedback into the design and development process and, as a result, significantly reduces turnaround times.”

Martin Bryce, Operations Director, Alienation Digital




wierhouse-jason-craig“I have been designing for 14 years and I am always thinking about the time ProofHQ would have saved me. I now spend less time chasing people down for approvals and more time doing what I love to do.”

Jason Craig, Senior Designer and Production Coordinator, Wierhouse




Shane Elkins“As a freelance art director and a team of one, ProofHQ frees up so much of my time.

I actually have a phrase I use when I finish a proof and I need a client to review it. I always say, ‘Upload it and forget about it’! At any given time, I might have 8 to 10 projects going on at the same time and so when I upload the proof to ProofHQ, I know I can not worry about that project until an email shows up telling me what to do.

My goal everyday is to get my artwork uploaded to ProofHQ and I know that I can move on to something else. I get excited when it is time to upload a proof because the review and approval process in ProofHQ is like putting my project on autopilot. I upload the proof and sit back and wait for a decision.

ProofHQ has been a part of my creative process since I started working on my own and because of ProofHQ, I can work from anywhere. Before ProofHQ, I was limited to local clients and had to live close to my main client. Now, I live 500 miles away from my main client. ProofHQ allows me to work for clients that are located anywhere and has opened a world of possibilities to accept work from clients that before ProofHQ, I wouldn’t have had access to. I consider ProofHQ my miracle tool for almost every aspect of my company. I am grateful to the team at ProofHQ for making my daily workday a day full of designing and not a day full of sending emails back and forth.

Thanks for making such a great product that makes a designer’s life so much easier.”

Shane Elkins, Art Director, Elkins Design



imbalistudio-80x80Its been an absolute joy working with the proofHQ system. It has really improved my work flow and has helped tremendously in regards to keeping track of what has been done, viewed and approved. A must have for any design studio that need to get clear precise feedback from their clients.”

Pieter Grobler, Imbali Studio




corecubed-80x80“With ProofHQ we have been able to make the proofing process simple and easy, both internally and for our clients. We think ProofHQ is an ingenious product that has allowed us to improve our communication between project managers & designers. I don’t think we could live without it.”

Jennifer Hall, Graphic Design Manager, corecubed