The independent advertising agency slashes four hours from its approval process and gains a competitive advantage



“ProofHQ saves us anywhere between 1-4 hours on each round of reviews.”

Erin Wereb, Senior Product Manager, Doner

Doner is a global full-service advertising agency, serving some of the biggest brands in the world including Chrysler Group LLC, Electrolux, Cox Communications, Jeep and The UPS Store. With over $1 billion in billings, it is one of the world’s largest independent ad agency. Doner’s range of services focus on creating a strong brand identity with consistency. It manages every aspect of a client’s brand experience across all media: TV, print, radio, outdoor, direct marketing, CRM, interactive/digital, POS, collateral, sales promotion, design, branded content, social media and apps.


problem 1


solution 1

Traditionally, Doner would send an email with attachments to a marketing manager who would then route the attachments to all reviewers for feedback. The manager would then have to collate the feedback and send an email describing all of the revision requirements to Doner. This process became impossible to manage as large files were often blocked by inboxes and getting feedback from multiple reviewers took far too long. Additionally, Doner had to make sense of comments regarding visual elements of the proofs through text in emails. The task of managing review and approval became a massive headache for both the agency and its clients. Doner needed a solution that would house all proofs in one location; provide a simple way to share them with reviewers; and allow reviewers to easily compare proof revisions from one round to another. It had to be something that would give them a competitive advantage against other agencies. ProofHQ answered this call with a hosted solution that not only securely housed proofs in the cloud, but also provided an easy method for sharing the proofs through simple URLs. That meant no more convoluted email threads or attachments.




With a much more efficient workflow in place, Doner has cut up to four hours out of each round of revisions. Additionally, it is much easier for Doner’s clients to manage, review and approval with their reviewers. ProofHQ’s online tools make it dramatically easier for them to give feedback and there is now greater visibility into the status of a review. The ability to provide such a convenient tool to clients has enhanced Doner’s service offering, giving it a competitive advantage over other agencies.