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Market need, competitive threats and big revenue goals create unforgiving deadlines and no margin for error in product launches in pharmaceutical and other healthcare industries. Design projects must combine compelling brand messages with clinically accurate content. Healthcare marketers must factor rigid compliance demands into their marketing deliverables, and each step of the approval process must be documented to show guidelines were followed. Many healthcare marketers find that online proofing provides the speed, accuracy and auditing backup to ensure compliance, productivity and business agility.



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Reviews of healthcare marketing materials can be difficult and time-consuming to manage when they are based on emails, attachments, hardcopies and FTP uploads. Compiling comments and routing revisions across different reviewers  requires constant attention, but important details get missed because approval processes lack structure and consistency. Technical and legal reviewers must verify correct regulatory content is in place, but manual processes put this step at risk for error. Product marketing destined for international distribution needs approval by reviewers in other locations, another collaboration problem. ProofHQ online proofing completely changes the way healthcare marketers track and manage complicated review and approval workflow, so teams can bring useful and even life-saving products to market faster. Approval cycles are up to 50 percent shorter when teams have one platform for reviewing print, web and video content. Internal and external teams can work together with fewer obstacles and faster response to get new products to market where they are needed.


  • 56%* faster project delivery for quicker speed to market
  • Integrated development of multi-channel marketing
  • Real-time collaboration and feedback across global teams
  • Greater visibility into project bottlenecks
  • Approval accuracy and time-stamped audit trail
  • Average number of revisions reduced from 3.9 to 2.8*, a 29%* reduction.
  • Streamlined proofing reduces time spent managing reviews by an average of 59%*.
  • On average, Internal Rate of Return is 4,441%*, or $40 for every $1 spent on ProofHQ


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Raves from healthcare and life sciences marketers

Here’s what marketers in healthcare, pharmaceutical and other life sciences fields say about productive ProofHQ proofing tools and automation.




“ProofHQ saves us lots of time. I would estimate each person saves at least an hour each week, and even more with large, multi-client catalogue projects.”

Brett Hewitt, Marketing and IT Manager, Pharmore Pharmacies