Henson Group Sports

A promotional products manufacturer alleviates review process bottlenecks with online proofing

Henson Group Sports Case Study


“The technical support has been excellent. From day one they went above and beyond anything that I expected.”

Joe Purnell, IT/Systems Administrator, Henson Group Sports


Henson Group Sports, a custom apparel maker serving both small and national sports retailers, manages over 500 proofs of product design per month. Its customer service representatives share the proofs with clients for review before the design can go into production. The scope of each project, as well as the review and approval process, varies greatly depending on each individual retailer.



The problem


The solution

Henson’s customer service representatives used old-fashioned email to send PDF attachments to clients, who then sent email replies with their requested changes. The representatives then forwarded the changes along to the artists. The constant back and forth coupled with the sheer volume of proofs that had to be managed, slowed the review process down to a crawl. Sometimes orders would have to be put on hold, negatively affecting Henson’s ability to deliver products on time. Henson needed a solution to fully automate the review and approval process. It had to be lightweight and intuitive so that users were comfortable and needed very little training. With ProofHQ, the team was up and running in just two weeks. ProofHQ’s tools for annotating directly on proofs, rather than through emails, made the process incredibly easier to manage. Additionally, ProofHQ notifications automatically reminded Henson’s clients to review proofs before deadline, so that the service representatives no longer had to chase them for responses.



The benefits

Henson improved its efficiency by 20% during its busy season simply by automating its review process through ProofHQ. Now a Henson artist can upload a design, send it instantly to a client and have it the amended and approved that same day. This means customer service representatives spend less time managing proofs and more time actually helping customers.



Henson Group Sports Case Study