ProofHQ – How it works

Five simple steps for online proofing




Creating a proof is as easy as adding an attachment to an email, but with none of the drawbacks. 

With ProofHQ you can send files of up to 1.3 GB created from almost any format from native Photoshop files through to Word, PowerPoint, PDF and many more.

What’s more, anybody can access the files. All they need is a web connection – none of the hassle of downloading software! Learn more by watching our video tutorials.




Sharing work is simple with ProofHQ. An email is sent to each of the reviewers, giving them direct access to your proof – no login, no sign-up, no problem. 

ProofHQ allows you to integrate proofs into many leading project management tools such as Basecamp, making projects easier to manage than ever before.

Want to know more? Find out more about integration here.



Review review

Intuitive, real-time feedback tools make visual mark-up and collaborative commenting quick and easy. 

Each comment is time and date stamped, making it easy to keep track of feedback.

Review in ProofHQ makes communication much simpler, saving you time and resulting in faster project completion.




Getting approval is a simple 3-click process.

Click on the “Finish review” button, choose from a set of 5 clear decisions e.g. Approved, Approved with Changes, Not Approved and press the “Save” button. Simple.

Approvals are tracked for each proof, and for each reviewer that the proof has been shared with.



Manage manage

ProofHQ allows you to manage multiple versions of the same proof quickly and easily.

Simply click the “New Version” function on the proof page to upload a new proof. ProofHQ will link the proof as a new version of the existing proof.  

Reviewers from the old version are sent an email telling them that they have a new version to review. They can then compare versions side-by-side and earlier comments. We really do simplify the whole process.



Automate manage

ProofHQ’s Automated Workflow feature builds on the benefits that online proofing delivers and takes project efficiency to an entirely new level, especially for organizations that have a high volume of projects or many people involved in the process.

Once workflow stages, participants and timelines are set up; complex and repetitive tasks like sending notifications and reminders are automatically triggered by the system. Deadlines get met, and project managers are freed up for more important things!