Industry-specific Review and Approval insight: Agencies, Brands, Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial Services, Healthcare, Printing, Publishing, Technology & Telecoms


Consumer Packaged Goods

How ProofHQ keeps the packaging review process on budget and on time.

Innocent Drinks – Consumer Packaged Goods

“Lots of drinks, lots of labels, lots of reviews.”


Financial Services

ProofHQ helps financial services firms remain competitive and compliant.

Admiral – Financial Services

“ProofHQ’s user interface was simple and elegant.”

Kwik Fit Insurance – Financial Services

“ProofHQ has really freed us up. The approval process is much more slick.”

LendingTree – Financial Services

“ProofHQ allows us to work more closely with marketing to make the project more compliant.”

Pekin Insurance – Financial Services

“When I saw ProofHQ’s Automated Workflow functionality, it just clicked. It was exactly what I needed.”


Boiron – Healthcare

“Previously, our newsletter took a week to be approved; with ProofHQ, it takes just 2 days.”

Pharmore Pharmacies – Healthcare

“ProofHQ saves us lots of time… at least an hour per week for every person.”



Speed up the time-critical publishing approval process with online proofing.

Trend Reclamemakers – Publisher

“The review cycle has been cut significantly.”


Ten Reasons Why Online Proofing Helps Retail Marketers

Ten Reasons Why Online Proofing Helps Retail Marketers.


Everything a retailer needs to know about improving the approval workflow.

Clarks – Retail

“ProofHQ completely streamlined our collaborative process.”

Roots – Retail

“ProofHQ easily saves us more than 10 hours of work each week.”

Bare Escentuals – Retail

“A lot of deadlines were missed because of hard copy proofing.”

Guitar Center – Retail

“What once took almost 4 hours now takes less than 15 minutes.”

Runnings – Retail

“Routing slips and hard copy proofs just bottlenecked our whole process.”


Technology & Telecoms

Life moves fast in the tech world. Online proofing helps you keep pace.

ASUS – Tech & Telecoms

“With ProofHQ, our review and approval process is now in a very good place.”

Viscira – Technology and IT

“We are able to meet our deadlines and ensure clients are highly satisfied with the outcome.”


Digital Agencies

Online proofing: a digital tool for digital marketing campaigns.

Doner – Digital Agency

“ProofHQ saves us anywhere between 1-4 hours on each round of reviews.”


Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies that use online proofing have a tremendous competitive advantage.

DBA Worldwide – Agency

“ProofHQ delivered knowledgeable customer support that assisted with a smooth implementation.”

Get 1 Free – Agency

“Staff morale has improved and production has increased.”

Rouge24 – Agency

“Projects are able to move into each phase more quickly, without manual process delays.”


Print Service Providers

Print service providers report faster approvals, happier customers.

Genesis – Printer

“The return on investment has been invaluable.”

Linemark – Printer

“ProofHQ gives us a competitive edge in our market. It definitely separates us from the pack.”


Promotional Products

Online proofing: the quick and efficient was to get Promotional Product materials approved.

Henson Group Sports – Promotional Products

“We improved our efficiency by 20% during our busy season.”