Infographics & Datasheets

Quick facts on the benefits of online proofing by industry: retail, consumer package goods, financial services, publishers, print services, digital & marketing agencies, technology, telecom and more.


10 Steps to Building a Better Brand

Learn 10 essential steps to build and refine your brand.

Agile Marketing

See how successful marketing teams are handling extra workload.

10 Simple Steps to Hosting Meetings that Don’t Suck

Follow the steps from our infographic to make sure your meetings are enjoyable and productive.

4 Ways to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Content Marketing

Learn how to get the most of your marketing campaign with these 4 basic steps.


Consumer Packaged Goods

How ProofHQ keeps the packaging review process on budget and on time.

Financial Services

ProofHQ helps financial services firms remain competitive and compliant.


Speed up the time-critical publishing approval process with online proofing.


Everything a retailer needs to know about improving the approval workflow.

Technology & Telecoms

Life moves fast in the tech world. Online proofing helps you keep pace.

Digital Agencies

Online proofing: a digital tool for digital marketing campaigns.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies that use online proofing have a tremendous competitive advantage.

Print Service Providers

Print Service providers report faster approvals, happier customers.

Promotional Products

Online proofing: the quick and efficient was to get Promotional Product materials approved.


Adobe Creative Suite and ProofHQ Integration

Read how designers can send documents directly from Adobe Creative Suite to ProofHQ.

Xinet Production Central and ProofHQ Integration

View the full approval process from within WebNative, providing a seamless production workflow.