We takes our contractual commitments to you extremely seriously. These include financial penalties should we fail to deliver our commitments under our Contract with you.


You want to be assured that in the event that we owe you money as a result of our failure to comply with our Contract with you, we have the financial capability to make that payment. In order to give you this assurance, we have put in place insurance cover.


Insurance Provisions Policy (Unlimited Edition)

For customers on the Unlimited Edition, we commit to having in place insurance insurance cover to give you confidence that we can meet our commitments to you under the Contract.


During the term of the Contract and for 2 years afterwards we will maintain:

  • Public Liability insurance for an amount not less than $2 million in respect of any claim; and
  • Professional Indemnity insurance for an amount not less than $1.5 million in respect of any claim; and
  • Employers Liability insurance for amount not less than $15 million in respect of any claim except criminal defence costs and terrorism.

We will ensure that the insurance policies cover ProofHQ and you against any liability arising out of, or in connection with, the performance by us of our obligations under the Contract. At your written request, we will note your interest as a customer of ProofHQ under the Contract.


We will comply with and observe the terms of the insurance policies and will not do anything which could result in any insurance policy being rendered void or voidable. At your written request, and not more frequently than once per year, we will provide you with a certificate of currency and/or a statement of insurance in respect of the insurance policies.


pdf-iconRequest Certificate of Insurance here


We will notify you no less than 30 days prior to an event of cancellation, nonrenewable or a material change in our insurance cover.

For customers in the United States: ProofHQ is a company based in the United Kingdom. Our insurance policies are with insurers based in the United Kingdom. Some of the language used in insurance policies in the United Kingdom are different to the insurance requirements founding commercial contracts in the United States. In addition, some of the insurance provisions normally found in commercial contracts in the United States have no equivalent in the United Kingdom.