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How a leading insurance broker expedites complex review and approval for policy documents and marketing design

Kwik Fit Insurance


“ProofHQ has really freed us up…it’s easier to retrace each step, which helps us meet compliance and audit requirements.”

Lesley Mathieson, Senior Compliance Advisor, Kwik Fit Insurance


Kwik Fit Insurance reviews and approves a wide range of content for marketing campaigns as well as insurance contracts. The company’s compliance team collaborates with the marketing department and a freelance designer, passing proofs back and forth. Because of the highly-regulated nature of the financial services industry, Kwik Fit is required to keep an accurate audit trail to track comments and decision making.



The problem


The solution

Kwik Fit traditionally used email to route Microsoft Word attachments as proofs. With the large number of documents that had to be reviewed every month, the compliance team realized that this method severely slowed down its review process. Reviewers had to make comments on the document either in emails or by using the ‘track changes’ function in Word. Additionally, all documents had to be tracked in a separate spreadsheet. It was tough to maintain regulatory compliance as the team had to sift through email threads to see who made a particular comment or decision and when it was made.


Kwik Fit needed a way to review documents more effectively. ProofHQ gave the company a ‘one-stop shop’ for all of its review and approval needs. The simple tools for marking up and commenting directly on online proofs, rather than through emails and attachments, made the process much easier to manage. Since all comments and decisions are automatically archived in ProofHQ, it instantly enhanced Kwik Fit’s audit trail.



The benefits

ProofHQ eliminated the hassle of managing proofs for Kwik Fit, freeing the compliance team to focus its attention on more important tasks. Not only is the company’s review and approval process faster and easier, it is much more auditable. “Our process is much more slick” said Senior Compliance Advisor Lesley Mathieson. “Now we can just hit a button to see if a document is approved or not approved and then quickly move on to the next job”.



Kwik Fit Insurance