What is Agile Marketing? (and why you should care)

As the nature of marketing work grows increasingly complex, and content channels continue to proliferate, many teams are struggling to keep their heads above water. Too many expectations, too many tasks, too many apps, too many reports from too many analytics tools.

Enter Agile marketing, a project management approach that grew out of another industry where complexity and ambiguity are the name of the game—software development.

Overwhelmed marketers are finding great success with this approach, which promises “rapid, continuous growth,” “more satisfied employees,” and the ability to “adapt readily to external fluctuations,” according to self-proclaimed agile marketing nerd Andrea Fryrear, who writes for Marketergizmo.com.

Furthermore, Fryrear writes in a recent post on Workfront.com, “it’s simply a less stressful way to be a marketer.”

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The 10 Fastest Growing Cloud Applications for Q3 2014


We did it again! ProofHQ has been named one of the fastest-growing cloud applications of Q3 2014 by cloud security software provider Skyhigh Networks. Learn more »

Marketing-Specific Technologies Improve Agility and Automation

AutomatingThe term “marketing automation” is nearly as ubiquitous as “content marketing” these days. The two terms certainly go hand in hand as marketing departments and creative organizations implement technologies that help them effectively market on multiple digital channels (for example, email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks.

But outside of marketing automation tools, marketers are required to use technology primarily leveraged for other departments, creating unnecessary hurdles in the creative process. Learn more »

The Changing Role of Marketing and Technology

Man with megaphoneWith an increased need to create, review, and approve projects in shorter time frames, marketing departments have adapted to owning more of the process through project management technology. What has typically been a centralized support function within other departments, such as IT or operations, marketing is now making a more significant investment in this type of role.

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The 10 Fastest Growing Cloud Applications of 2014


Cloud computing is growing at a massive rate. Skyhigh Networks, a cloud security software provider, forecasts the market growth for cloud computer will hit $180 billion in 2014, a 275% increase from 2008’s meager $48 billion.

With this growth comes a seemingly never ending supply of new cloud applications, offering companies and individuals more choice than ever before. As part of their quarterly “Cloud Adoption and Risk Report,” an examination of key data metrics pertaining to the use of cloud in the enterprise, Skyhigh Networks created a list of the top 10 fastest growing cloud applications across the enterprise.

To create the list, Skyhigh Networks used anonymized usage data from over 200 companies and over 10 million users to calculate the growth rates of cloud services from Q1 to Q2 of this year. During that time, data shows that ProofHQ experienced a 136% quarter over quarter growth in the number of active users across 7,000 cloud services.

Making ProofHQ the fastest growing cloud app of 2014.

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Adaptable Review & Approval Workflows Improve Marketing Agility

Adaptive processWhen you hear the phrase “everyone is a publisher,” there is plenty of data to back up the notion that seemingly EVERYONE is publishing content these days. According to the B2B Content Marketing: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America report, 73% of B2B content marketers are producing more content than they did a year ago.

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Project Management is Defined Role on Majority of High-Performance Marketing & Creative Teams

Project ManagementAs brands and agencies look to scale their efforts while still producing quality work, marketing and creative teams are seeing more benefit from having dedicated project managers on staff.

The project management role provides direction while monitoring and reporting on the status of projects being executed by others. With this role, you now have a person who has primary responsibility for the project, ensuring that it is delivered on time, within budget, and with exceptional quality. This person is also likely the key contact with your client (internal or external) on a day-to-day basis once the project starts.
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Research Reveals Four Insights Proven to Increase Marketing Agility

Marketing AgilitySince ProofHQ first started in 2007, the marketing landscape has greatly evolved thanks to the rise of digital marketing, the increasing need for cross-channel integration, and an “always on” focus for ROI.

‭Today’s marketing organizations are also evolving into highly productive teams that are ‭able to execute quickly and efficiently to stay ahead of the needs of the business. They’re capable of handling more projects, with more collaborators, reacting in real-time, across more channels while still meeting deadlines.

We wanted to learn the best practices of these different types of creative organizations and how they integrate people, processes and platforms to manage projects and the level of efficiency they achieve in completing them.

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This week in Marketing Operations: Agency accountability, video content playbook, retail catalogs and more

ProofHQ’s weekly roundup of insightful content, chosen specifically for marketing, agency and creative professionals.

Agency accountability needs another look

fragmentedAccountability inside agencies today can be a fragmented collection of responsibilities; the result is out-of-balance income, workloads and resources. Agency consultant Michael Farmer’s latest article takes a hard look at the state of agency economics today. Read more.

12 questions to ask when making a content marketing technology decision

With so many tools to choose from, how do you know what’s best for your marketing team? Leave it to the folks at Content Marketing Institute to provide us with 12 questions essential to making smart content marketing technology decisions.   View the Slideshare. Learn more »

This Week in Marketing Operations: The true value of cloud technology

cloudsThe Benefits of Cloud Technology studied

A great summary of the recent study by Forrester Research on cloud technology gives honest advice about its true value and the role it should play in your organization.  It’s a good read.

How 4 Brands use Agile Marketing

Agile marketing gets lots of press these days.  Here’s how companies in 4 different industries have creatively worked agile into their strategies to gain better productivity, as well as visibility for their products. Read more.

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