8 Reasons Why Your Marketing Campaign Failed

why your marketing campaign failed

After weeks of planning, strategizing, and creating your marketing campaign, it falls flat after it launches. What do you do now? Throw in the towel? Look for a new career path? Of course not. Failure is a reality of content marketing and we’re all bound to experience it at some point. What’s important is how you respond. Figure out what went wrong so you can make necessary adjustments. We’ve compiled a list of eight reasons your marketing campaign may have failed, and how to avoid these mistakes the next time around.

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The Best DAM List of Digital Asset Management Apps for Marketers

digital asset management list

Are you looking for a solid app that will allow you to manage, share, and distribute digital assets within your marketing team? If so, we’ve compiled a list of digital asset management (DAM) apps. We recommend identifying your team’s top digital asset challenges and make a list of your most desired DAM features. Then check out our list below to see which app will best meet the needs of your marketing team.

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Improve Your Marketing Workflow in 5 Simple Steps

Improve Your Marketing Workflow

At ProofHQ, marketing workflow is very near and dear to our heart. We’re always looking for ways to improve our own workflows so that we can continue delivering great review and approval technology for our customers.

The ability to execute successful marketing campaigns with consistency and predictability largely depends on the people, processes and technologies you rely on during the creative and production processes. Projects may vary by size and scope, so having a solid marketing workflow is key to keeping timelines in check and projects on track.

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The Definitive Guide to Online Proofing [eBook]

The Definitive Guide to Online Proofing

Getting creative work reviewed and approved is an often overlooked business process that’s carried out every day in organizations of all sizes and in all industries across the globe. It’s also a process that is time-consuming and often causes considerable frustration, especially for those in the marketing and creative industries.

The costs and inefficiencies of the review and approval process can be hard to isolate. When looked at on an individual level, the inefficiencies can seem localized, almost insignificant. But when the sum total of these activities are rolled up, examined and clearly labeled for what they are, it’s astonishing to see exactly how much time and effort is really spent on the review and approval process.

The good news is that review and approval is a process that can be greatly improved with online proofing, yielding tremendous benefits to both the individual worker and the organization.
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3 Essential Items Your Content Marketing Strategy is Missing


According to the B2B Content Marketing 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends – North America by Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs, 84 percent of marketers who say they are ineffective at content marketing said they have no documented strategy. B2B marketers who have a documented content strategy (44%) are far more likely to consider themselves effective (66%vs. 11%).

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Adaptable Review & Approval Workflows Improve Marketing Agility

Adaptive processWhen you hear the phrase “everyone is a publisher,” there is plenty of data to back up the notion that seemingly EVERYONE is publishing content these days. According to the B2B Content Marketing: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America report, 73% of B2B content marketers are producing more content than they did a year ago.

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A must-see webinar recording – Automated Workflow, the new ProofHQ Viewer and more

Our recent webinar demonstrating the new Automated Workflow feature, the ProofHQ Viewer and other product updates was a great success.  The webinar contains a lot of useful information and we’ve had many requests for the recording, so we’re posting it here for all to view.

Moderator Erik Cullins did a good job of focusing on what’s important for you to know, and there’s great information in the Q&A section, so take a few minutes to watch and listen.

Interested in just one or a few aspects of the new release? Start at the beginning for the New ProofHQ Viewer and jump to 14:59 for Automated Workflow.


Curious about ProofHQ’s Automated Workflow and the new ProofHQ Viewer? Join our webinar!

With one of our largest product releases to date, we just upped the ante in the ProofHQ user experience. One of the top priorities at ProofHQ is to keep our customers up to date with product changes to help them remain successful.

To help you get familiar with all the exciting new updates we have recently released, we will be hosting a live educational webinar.  During this live event, we will introduce you to Automated Workflow and how it saves an enormous amount of time and effort in the content review and approval process. We will also present the new ProofHQ Viewer in action with its enhanced functionality and usability. Learn more »

ProofHQ releases Automated Workflow

automated-workflow-monitorToday we released an important new feature called Automated Workflow. Automated Workflow does exactly what the name suggests; it automates the manual process of routing of a proof through one or more stages.

Moving content review and approval from email or paper-based proofs to ProofHQ speeds up delivery time of marketing projects and reduces the time you need to spend managing each of those projects. Automated Workflow turbo-charges these benefits by removing even more of the manual work involved in managing proofs. Learn more »

There’s magic in automating approval workflows

ProofHQ Automated WorkflowAt my last dental appointment, the office manager was chatting about the new automated patient booking and notification system the practice had recently put in place.  No more phone call appointment reminders (automated text messages), no more 6-month checkup phone calls (the system emails). If someone cancels, a sequence of followups is triggered, gently reminding patients to give the office a call.

‘Just like magic’, she said.

Automated workflow systems get routine tasks done very efficiently, in most cases better than a human.

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