Rich Media Marketing: 3 Tips to Keep It All Organized

rich media marketing

Rich media marketing is all the rage.

And for good reason. Rich media marketing—adding features like video, audio, and HTML5 interactivity to content to increase viewer engagement—is getting real results. One Adform report found that adding rich media to banner ads increased click-thru-rates 267%.

With these kinds of early results, you can bet that marketers everywhere strategizing on how to get into the rich media game in earnest. However, at risk of being the Debbie Downer here, I have to bring up one little problem that many marketers might overlook: how are we going to organize all this stuff?

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The Top File Sharing Apps for Marketing Teams

file sharing apps for marketers

Your marketing team likely works with multiple documents a day, most of which require feedback and editing. Sending those documents through e-mail attachments is now the equivalent of snail mail. Instead, there is a great deal of file sharing apps that allow marketers to share files instantly and across a variety of devices.

Many of these file sharing apps have evolved from simple file storage. They can also allow team collaboration and the ability to integrate with other marketing technology through open APIs.

Many of them have a freemium model so if your marketing team needs more robust functionality and larger file storage, be ready to pony up a modest monthly subscription fee. However, if you’re not in the market for a full-scale digital asset management application, then consider adding one or more of these file sharing apps to your marketing technology stack.
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The Best DAM List of Digital Asset Management Apps for Marketers

digital asset management list

Are you looking for a solid app that will allow you to manage, share, and distribute digital assets within your marketing team? If so, we’ve compiled a list of digital asset management (DAM) apps. We recommend identifying your team’s top digital asset challenges and make a list of your most desired DAM features. Then check out our list below to see which app will best meet the needs of your marketing team.

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This Week in Marketing Operations Headlines: Mar 30 – Apr 3, 2015

marketing operations headlines

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen marketing operations evolve from a small role that historically focused on metrics, data and budgeting to one that enables an organization to run the marketing function as a fully accountable business unit.

To help you keep up with the latest news, trends and best practices of this ever-changing role, we’ve collected the most important and interesting marketing operations stories of the week to share with you.

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Online Proofing and DAM: Who holds the WIP?

Lots of interesting conversations at the recent Henry Stewart DAM New York 2014. I hoped to write about the event earlier, but have been on the road continuously in May.

I had the opportunity to speak with existing ProofHQ customers, potential customers and a whole range of Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution providers. The common thread in all these conversations was the relationship between Online Proofing and DAM.

I don’t think that anyone I spoke with disagreed with the obvious synergy between the two types of application. Every piece of content or creative asset stored in a DAM system needs to be reviewed and approved at some point in its life cycle.

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DAM good advice for marketing project managers

ProofHQ advice on managing digital assets

The recent Henry Stewart Digital Asset Management(DAM) conference in New York brought together hundreds of professionals from a broad range of industries and disciplines who know a thing or two about producing and managing creative content.

Since effectively managing content is important to a smooth-running marketing team, I decided to take advantage of this talent assembly and ask as many as I could the following question:

What’s the single best piece of advice you’d give to a marketer looking to be more efficient at their job?

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This Week in Marketing Operations: Agile Marketing and the Mindset for Change

ProofHQ - Agile Marketing means a Change in MindsetAgile Marketing and the Mindset for Change

We see plenty of information about the skill sets that marketers need to prosper these days, but this article from Content Marketing Institute does a great job discussing the mindsets that are all-important for the agile marketer.  Read more.


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This Week in Marketing Operations: 5 Ways to Step Up your Digital Asset Management Game

Digital asset management5 ways to step up your digital asset management (DAM) game

Every brand needs to tell their story, and their library of digital assets – videos, images, audio and documents – plays a critical role in the process. MarketingProf’s recent article provides a brief, but excellent review of good ways marketing teams can optimize management of their digital content assets. Read more


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