4 Tips for an Effective and Engaging Trade Show Booth

trade show booth design

Trade shows can be tremendous marketing and networking opportunities, but results can be difficult to measure. One thing to remember is that you will by vying for attention among hundreds, if not thousands, of other exhibitors and their trade show booths. It can be a daunting task if you’re not prepared.

To stand out, you should have a trade show booth that is inviting, appealing, and engaging. Being unique and memorable doesn’t hurt either. If you’re unsure where to start, think of how much work you put into your apartment the first time you invite a date over. A lot, right? You could do worse than take the same approach when setting up your trade show booth.

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Creative Ways to Improve Attendee Engagement at Marketing Conferences

marketing conference engagement

There is no denying the educational and networking opportunities of attending marketing conferences. But, if you decide to take your financial commitment to the next level and exhibit, you want to get the most bang for your buck. The last thing you want to do is stand at your booth and be a poor man’s version of a carnival barker.

If you’re going to shell out big bucks to exhibit at a marketing conference, engagement should be your number one priority. So, rather than thinking about how to get the best ROI from a tradeshow, think in terms of generating ROE: Return on Engagement.

As a veteran conference attendee and exhibitor, here are some of my favorite examples for improving attendee engagement to inspire you to think beyond branded tote bags and blinking key chains.
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How to Get the Most Value from Attending Marketing Conferences

value attending marketing conferences

If you’ve ever been to a conference, you know it’s part zoo and part intellectual playground. Being able to master that terrain and navigate through it requires the right amount of prep work beforehand. You also need to know what to expect when you’re there, and how to reconnect with your coworkers after. Here are some tips that can help you make the most of your next event.
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Must-Attend Marketing Conferences for the Second Half of 2015

marketing conferences for 2015

Conferences can be a great way to breathe new life into your work and that of your marketing team. These conferences offer new ideas; provide insight into the latest processes, trends, and tools; and are a great way to network with peers in your industry. However, with the overwhelming number of trade shows that are coming up in Q3 and Q4 alone, how do you decide which are the best use of your time?

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7 Things You Can Learn About Online Proofing at MarTech

7 Things You Can Learn About Online Proofing at MarTech

We’re excited to be joining more than 1,000 marketing technology professionals in a couple of weeks at the MarTech Conference in San Francisco. We caught last year’s conference as an attendee and were blown away. This year, we took our game to the next level and rented some space in the expo hall.

In between sessions and networking, we invite you to visit ProofHQ in booth #304 to learn about the value of including online proofing in your marketing technology stack and see a live product demo. Here are some of the things you’ll learn about online proofing and ProofHQ when you visit the booth:

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The ProofHQ Guide to Maximizing Your MarTech Conference Experience

The ProofHQ Guide to MarTech Conference

Marketing technology is confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. In just two weeks, the largest vendor-independent gathering of professionals at the intersection of marketing and technology will happen in San Francisco on March 31 through April 1: MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference.

This conference will help you navigate the marketing technology landscape and provide the strategy and insight you need to map out your organization’s current and future technology stack. If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still plenty of time. The Rates and Registration Information page has all the up-to-date information on pricing and group rates.

If you’re still on the fence about registering, here are five reason why you should attend the 2015 edition of the MarTech Conference along with some recommendations from ProofHQ employees for places worthy of your attention.

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How to Maximize your ROI from Attending Content Marketing Conferences

conferenceWhile time and monetary demands placed on corporate marketing teams and agency professionals are as great as they have ever been, spending some of those precious commodities on education and networking should remain a top priority. Here are four questions to ask yourself to help make sure you’re getting most from attending business conferences. Learn more »

Online Proofing and DAM: Who holds the WIP?

Lots of interesting conversations at the recent Henry Stewart DAM New York 2014. I hoped to write about the event earlier, but have been on the road continuously in May.

I had the opportunity to speak with existing ProofHQ customers, potential customers and a whole range of Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution providers. The common thread in all these conversations was the relationship between Online Proofing and DAM.

I don’t think that anyone I spoke with disagreed with the obvious synergy between the two types of application. Every piece of content or creative asset stored in a DAM system needs to be reviewed and approved at some point in its life cycle.

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DAM good advice for marketing project managers

ProofHQ advice on managing digital assets

The recent Henry Stewart Digital Asset Management(DAM) conference in New York brought together hundreds of professionals from a broad range of industries and disciplines who know a thing or two about producing and managing creative content.

Since effectively managing content is important to a smooth-running marketing team, I decided to take advantage of this talent assembly and ask as many as I could the following question:

What’s the single best piece of advice you’d give to a marketer looking to be more efficient at their job?

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This Week in Marketing Operations: The New Brand of Marketing, email inbox insight and more

ProofHQ’s weekly roundup of insightful content, chosen specifically for marketing, agency and creative professionals.

A New Brand of Marketing: a must-read for modern marketers

new-brand-of-marketingChiefMartec Editor Scott Brinker’s new free ebook ‘The New Brand of Marketing’ will take you through the 7 “meta-trends” that have dramatically changed the nature of marketing; a must-read for marketers that embrace technology (and that’s you, right?) Download it here

Customer insight is real-time for marketers

Insight about their customers is available to marketers in real time today, but there is still a struggle to incorporate it in their strategies.  This Fast Company article takes a look at the barriers that both agency and client-side marketers face leveraging and acting on this valuable treasure trove of data.  Read the article Learn more »