8 Reasons Why Your Marketing Campaign Failed

why your marketing campaign failed

After weeks of planning, strategizing, and creating your marketing campaign, it falls flat after it launches. What do you do now? Throw in the towel? Look for a new career path? Of course not. Failure is a reality of content marketing and we’re all bound to experience it at some point. What’s important is how you respond. Figure out what went wrong so you can make necessary adjustments. We’ve compiled a list of eight reasons your marketing campaign may have failed, and how to avoid these mistakes the next time around.

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The Best Calls to Action Go Beyond Design

call to action design

When your team works on a calls to action (CTA), it likely puts a lot of thought into the design. And this makes sense; aesthetically, a CTA should be visually pleasing and stand out to your audience. However, design alone is not enough to drive people to action, so what can you do to compel someone to follow through with a prompt? We suggest that the single most important factor in creating a successful CTA is not the design – it’s making sure that you produce an experience that makes your audience care enough to click on your call to action.

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How Technology and Data are Revolutionizing Marketing

marketing revolution with technology and data

Through a pairing of technology and data, marketing managers can tailor marketing initiatives based on buyers’ behavior, purchase history, browsing history, and other interests. This personalized approach is business-critical in today’s digital environment, as consumers expect a  rich, meaningful, and customized user experience.

Data is the key to understanding users’ habits. However, it’s when marketers act on these insights that they can deliver impactful and compelling experiences throughout every phase of the marketing life cycle.

With so many marketing technology options out there, knowing which tech to use, how to sift through data, and how to weave that data into your marketing efforts is often confounding. The information below can help you unlock these secrets, and in the process, deliver impactful experiences to consumers.
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MarTech Conference: Insights from the Intersection of Marketing & Technology


Last month, I was fortunate to attend the inaugural MarTech conference organized by ThirdDoorMedia and Scott Brinker (@ChiefMartech), who has been chronicling the rise of marketing technology and its changing marketing strategy, management, and culture on his blog, chiefmartec.com, since 2008. The MarTech conference was pretty much the epicenter for discussing how the intersection between marketing and technology is becoming increasingly more connected.

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Marketing-Specific Technologies Improve Agility and Automation

AutomatingThe term “marketing automation” is nearly as ubiquitous as “content marketing” these days. The two terms certainly go hand in hand as marketing departments and creative organizations implement technologies that help them effectively market on multiple digital channels (for example, email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks.

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Marketing Automation Tools That Help You Nurture Leads

Marketing automationWhen I think of marketing automation tools, I think of making my job as a marketer easier, more effective, and ultimately more profitable.

Unfortunately, marketing automation tools can be a bit of a mine field. If you end up automating the wrong thing, at the wrong time, with the wrong tool, you can actually make your life much more difficult.

Luckily, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes and want to help you out. Below are 3 areas where you can make big gains with marketing automation depending on the stage of your company.

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Marketing automation doesn’t have to be so complex

ABC blocksLast week, I was surprised to read an article that cited pretty low marketing automation adoption rates among B2B companies. It’s hard to comprehend this happening; with all the complexity facing marketing departments today, automating marketing functions seems almost mandatory.

The truth is, the term “marketing automation” means different things to different people. Most have come to associate it with large, integrated platforms that pack a large number of functions under one umbrella.

This can be off-putting, especially for small and medium-sized businesses who may not need all that functionality, or are intimidated by the time and resources needed to get them up and running. This may partly explain why the B2B marketing automation adoption rate is so low.

Maybe we should look at the term “marketing automation” differently.

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ProofHQ releases Automated Workflow

automated-workflow-monitorToday we released an important new feature called Automated Workflow. Automated Workflow does exactly what the name suggests; it automates the manual process of routing of a proof through one or more stages.

Moving content review and approval from email or paper-based proofs to ProofHQ speeds up delivery time of marketing projects and reduces the time you need to spend managing each of those projects. Automated Workflow turbo-charges these benefits by removing even more of the manual work involved in managing proofs. Learn more »

There’s magic in automating approval workflows

ProofHQ Automated WorkflowAt my last dental appointment, the office manager was chatting about the new automated patient booking and notification system the practice had recently put in place.  No more phone call appointment reminders (automated text messages), no more 6-month checkup phone calls (the system emails). If someone cancels, a sequence of followups is triggered, gently reminding patients to give the office a call.

‘Just like magic’, she said.

Automated workflow systems get routine tasks done very efficiently, in most cases better than a human.

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This Week in Marketing Operations: Marketers must be there when customers come looking

ProofHQ This Week in Marketing Operations

Marketers: Be there when customers go looking

Customer learning is happening all the time, with 57% of all business buying decisions made before a salesperson is ever contacted, says research from the CEB’s Marketing Leadership Council.  The challenge for marketers is to be present at all times with content that educates buyers and helps guide commercial decisions. Read more.


What works best in email subject lines: the latest

It’s a fact: email continues to be a valuable part of the marketing mix.  But your subject line must be effective if your message is to be read. The latest study provides some surprising insight into what works today and what doesn’t. Take a look.

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