3 Ways to Harness the Power of Visual Storytelling


What Do Target and Geico Have in Common?

Have you ever noticed that you can spot a Target commercial long before you ever see the red bull’s eye appear on the screen?

And then there’s Geico, a company that’s breaking all the rules about consistent branding. How is it that you can still identify a Geico ad in the first few seconds, despite the fact that they’re usually running several wildly different campaigns all at the same time? From the Gecko to cavemen to celebrities spoofing themselves (Little Richard, Peter Frampton, Don LaFontaine). I don’t know about you, but the minute I find myself scratching my head and thinking, “Huh?,” my next thought is, “Oh, this must be from Geico.”

The brand has come to stand for unexpected, disjointed, and eclectic advertisements—even though these qualities are exact the opposite of what most brands typically strive for.

Cohesive or not, one thing is certain: both Target and Geico have effectively harnessed the power of visual storytelling.

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How to Humanize Your Brand

Empathy. Context. Relevance. Meaning.

No, you didn’t just stumble onto a self-help website. These are four things you will need in order to connect with consumers in what many now call the “post-advertising age.”

According to Jessica Ann, author of Humanize Your Brand: How to Create Content that Connects with Your Customers, the future of marketing is all about keeping it real:

“If you’re not proactively taking part in the profits and process of being more human, you’re missing out on the fun, authenticity, and serendipity that happens when you fuse technology with marketing.”

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Where Does Your Brand Live? Be Astute In Selecting Your Social Media Outlets

signs you need to rebrand

Anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows that how you say something is as important as what you say. According to DailyMail.com, researchers from the University of Southern California have developed an algorithm capable of predicting the success of a marriage based on the how, not the what, of communication.

If message delivery can determine the success of a marriage, surely it plays a role in the success of digital marketing, especially when it comes to social media. No matter how great your message, if you fail to deliver it via the proper marketing channels, it may never reach your target audience.

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How to Fix a Broken Marketing Campaign

fixing broken marketing campaigns

It happens all the time in sports, from high school to the professional level: one team is outperforming the other when the coach calls a timeout or halftime begins. Soon after, the under-performing team mounts a comeback, the game becomes more competitive, and someone takes the victory.

During these breaks, coaches analyze performance metrics and statistics for what’s working and what isn’t compared to the game plan. Based on this information, they make vital decisions and adjustments that can affect the outcome of the game. At the very least, these in-game and halftime adjustments are designed to improve the performance of the players and team.

Like a good coach, marketers can turn underperforming or broken marketing campaigns around by analyzing metrics and other statistics to guide in-game adjustments to improve a campaign’s performance and success.

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Here’s What the Most Influential CMOs Are Talking About. Are You?

influential cmo topics

The Fourth Annual Forbes/ScribbleLive (formerly Appinions) CMO Influence Study was released and if you haven’t taken a look at the topics that are being discussed by the 50 most influential CMOs in the world, then you should. Compiled by Forbes, ScribbleLive, and LinkedIn, this study analyzed over 100 million pieces of content from news outlets, blogs, and social media sources to determine what today’s most influential and accomplished CMOs find relevant and exciting. Though such globe-spanning influence may seem out of your realm, there’s much you can learn from this report.

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13 Common Marketing Campaign Mistakes to Avoid

marketing campaign mistakes

There is a whole bunch of creative content being made by brands and agencies right now, and more is on the way. According to the B2B Content Marketing 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends – North America report from Content Marketing Institute, 76% of B2B marketers surveyed said that they will produce more content in 2016 compared to 2016. In the B2C space, 77% of marketers said the same thing.

The majority of that content will undoubtedly end up as part of a marketing campaign or two (or 10). As the amount of creative content continues to rise and the number, and variety, of marketing campaigns also increases, so does the opportunity for mistakes.

Here are 13 common marketing campaign mistakes to avoid as you press on with your content marketing goals for 2016.

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Nobody Puts Millennials in the Corner!

millennial marketing

With apologies to Dirty Dancing, Patrick Swayze’s immortal words come to mind when I think about Millennials. Why? Well, because they refuse to be categorized, for one.

Millennials are one of the largest demographics (there are roughly 75 million of them according to the latest population projections), and also one of the most influential. So it makes sense that you’d want to market to them. However, of all the generations to sell to, this one seems the most hell-bent on avoiding labels. As soon as marketers and advertisers try to paint Millennials into a metaphorical corner, along comes Johnny Castle (i.e., Patrick Swayze, the dance god – sorry Kevin Bacon) to deliver the bombshell: “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

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Stereotyping Your Target Market?

marketing persona

Don’t Stereotype Your Target Marketing Persona

When you start a marketing campaign, one of the first decisions you make is who your target audience is. This invariably leads to the creation of a marketing persona, which isn’t a bad thing. In fact, marketing personas are necessary to identify clearly your ideal customer. However, you have to be careful how you create that persona.

When visualizing your target marketing persona, you will most likely make generalizations. Everyone has unique characteristics, and it would be impossible to target specifically to individuals so you can expect some assumptions and generalizations. But what you want to avoid is stereotypes. Remember, for your message to matter, it must reach real people. Not clichés.

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8 Reasons Why Your Marketing Campaign Failed

why your marketing campaign failed

After weeks of planning, strategizing, and creating your marketing campaign, it falls flat after it launches. What do you do now? Throw in the towel? Look for a new career path? Of course not. Failure is a reality of content marketing and we’re all bound to experience it at some point. What’s important is how you respond. Figure out what went wrong so you can make necessary adjustments. We’ve compiled a list of eight reasons your marketing campaign may have failed, and how to avoid these mistakes the next time around.

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3 Key Elements for Earning Consumer Attention & Loyalty

earning consumer attention

Between radio, Internet, television, and mobile devices, consumers today are surrounded by advertisements. In fact, estimates suggest that consumers are exposed to an average of 1,000 to 5,000 ad messages a day (it’s tricky to nail down). While that number may be hard to swallow, the overall point is clear: your audience is overwhelmed by ads.

Because of this, most consumers have developed an internal ad blocker that zones out when these commercials or pop-ups cross their screen. So how do you reach out to these desensitized consumers and make them want to pay attention? Are there technological solutions? Or does it simply come down to content and material?

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