How Has the Creative Review and Approval Process Changed Since the 1990s?

When it comes to concept development, creative organizations have always been poised for a high level of engagement with their clients. Despite the natural shift toward a technology-loving economy, things were not always designed to be conducive to a creative review and approval process. Take a look at the last two decades to see how creative review and approval has changed over the years.

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3 Quick Fixes for Your Approval Workflow


For many companies, the review and approval process is the biggest bottleneck in completing projects. Lengthy reviews often involve several teams from creative to legal and may even require approvals from external stakeholders.

To a certain extent, the benefits of having multiple people take the time to review a project outweigh the negatives. Reviews should be an opportunity to slow down and carefully inspect every detail of a project so you can catch errors, maintain brand consistency, and ensure legal compliance. But more often than not, lengthy review processes are frustrating and can damage the project and timeline. For this reason, it’s important to regularly audit your review process to see what can be improved.

Here are three tips for improving your approval process:

1. Identify and explore the breakdowns

The breakdowns in your approval workflow shouldn’t be difficult to find. Just think about the point (or points) at which work piles up on one side and people are left waiting on the other side. It might be an individual, a process, or a team. Keep in mind that being labeled as a “bottleneck” doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Many reviewers have other responsibilities and limited time, too. Explain to those individuals that your purpose is not to blame, but to support. If they understand that you are trying to help them, not chastise them, they will be much more willing to participate.

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The Future is Ripe for Digital Proofing


Workfront just released their annual State of Work report, and the findings confirm what many of us have long suspected. Technological advances—including digital proofing—are changing when and where and how we all work.

Some of these changes will have employees dancing in the cubicle aisles, for as long as those aisles may last.

Here’s what we found:

Remote Working is Rising

A surprising 52% of the 600+ respondents believe that most workers will be working remotely in a few years. Most. More than half.

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5 Different Client Personality Types—and How to Deal with Them

5 Client Personality Types

Both in-house and agency-based creative teams have clients to please—of all different personality types.

The main difference is whether the clients are located three floors up or a few miles across town. And as every marketer knows, some clients are easier to work with than others.

Sam Petersen, a solutions marketing content specialist at Workfront, identified five of the more challenging personalities to deal with in a recent blog post.

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The Review and Approval Disconnect: Don’t Send Your Audience the Wrong Message

review and approval disconnect

“If they had asked me, I would have strongly advised them not to do it.”

Those “famous last words” are from Frank Spotnitz, creator and executive producer of the new show, “The Man in the High Castle”, that describes a version of history in which the Axis powers win World War II and divide the United States into a Nazi-controlled East and a Japan-run West.

To advertise the release of all 10 episodes on the Amazon Prime streaming service on November 20, Amazon completely wrapped the seats, walls and ceilings of one New York City subway train in imagery that included a version of the American flag with a German eagle and iron cross in place of the stars, as well as a stylized flag inspired by imperial Japan.

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Webinar Replay: Video Production and Online Proofing for the Distributed Workforce

webinar replay: online proofing for video

Online proofing, more often than not, is associated with graphics editing. It’s easy to translate the typical paper-based markup with red ink to the online environment. What’s not so intuitive, or even expected, is using the same online proofing tools for reviewing video files. And what if the team members involved in the video production project are based in different parts of the country or even globe?

While video production does have its challenges, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a difficult undertaking. And even companies with limited budgets, resources, and personnel have various options they can employ to produce amazing videos. To illustrate this point, we created this webinar, in conjunction with HOW Design University, because of a recent video project of our own.

Here is a webinar replay of Mike Puterbaugh, vice president of marketing for ProofHQ, and Devin Polaski, creative director for PictoMoto, discussing the methodology and technology they used to complete a video project while being nearly 2,000 miles apart.

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4 Costly Mistakes You Can Avoid with Online Proofing

online proofing

Setting out on a new marketing initiative is never easy. In fact, it can be downright challenging. You need to brainstorm with collaborators, conceive a fresh and original idea, take action to implement your plan, and review the end results. And then do it all over again until you get it right. In the world of marketing, the old saying, “Wash, rinse, repeat,” isn’t far off the mark.

And yet, though the conception, implementation, and review and approval stages can be difficult, you may be the architect of your downfall. Some of the processes you are using may be increasing the amount of time that is needed to deliver a product or service to the customer – rather than helping. The key is to use the right tools and to implement the right processes. Is your review and approval process efficient? Or effective?

With an online, cloud-based proofing application, your team can streamline its review and approval process. By eliminating traditional hurdles, online proofing apps can help increase productivity while enabling greater feedback and collaboration. Online proofing can help you avoid these four key mistakes.

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How Marketing Agencies Can Use Technology as a Differentiator

marketing agency technology differentiator

The marketing field is one that is fraught with competition. There are many marketing agencies out there with creativity, skill, and experience. When you submit a proposal to a potential client, you need something that will make your agency stand out from the others vying for the job, and show why you’re the best agency for the job.

Although most marketing agencies use technology to manage day-to-day processes, the right technology used the right way can be the differentiator that will set you apart. Can you say honestly that your agency does something that no other agency does?
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How Review and Approval Affect the Entire Creative Process


review and approval

When you think “review and approval,” you likely envision going over a creative asset with a red pen to provide edits and feedback (ProofHQ lets you do that). And make no mistake, that is a part of it. But there is much more to glean from this process. While the review and approval process is vital to ensuring that creative work is published free of glaring errors, successful companies who have a well-defined brand know that there is an immense value in implementing review and approval throughout the creative process – not just at the end.

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The Definitive Guide to Online Proofing [eBook]

The Definitive Guide to Online Proofing

Getting creative work reviewed and approved is an often overlooked business process that’s carried out every day in organizations of all sizes and in all industries across the globe. It’s also a process that is time-consuming and often causes considerable frustration, especially for those in the marketing and creative industries.

The costs and inefficiencies of the review and approval process can be hard to isolate. When looked at on an individual level, the inefficiencies can seem localized, almost insignificant. But when the sum total of these activities are rolled up, examined and clearly labeled for what they are, it’s astonishing to see exactly how much time and effort is really spent on the review and approval process.

The good news is that review and approval is a process that can be greatly improved with online proofing, yielding tremendous benefits to both the individual worker and the organization.
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