ProofHQ and online proofing explained in 96 Seconds

What is online proofing?  Why should you, as a marketer, care?  Believe it or not, we still hear these questions on a daily basis. Too many organizations still used email, print-outs and post-its to produce creative content. And that’s exactly what we’re looking to change.  So, if you’ve arrived at and are still wondering what all this online proofing talk is about, check out our newest explainer video! Learn more »

ProofHQ CEO Mat Atkinson Talks About Managing Distributed Teams on The Work Talk Show Podcast

the-work-talk-show-mat-atkinsonMat Atkinson, CEO of ProofHQ, made his podcast debut on The Work Talk Show, a weekly podcast on how work gets done outside the lines of what work has traditionally looked like. During his 30 minute discussion with hosts Nick Westergaard and DJ Waldow, Mat shared how ProofHQ came about, what it’s like managing a distributed team that’s spread across 9 to 10 time zones (depending on the season), and the tools used to foster continuous conversations and collaborations.

You can listen to the full episode and read the show notes on the Work Talk Show website or listen via Stitcher.

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This Week in Marketing Operations: Making visual content sharable, the Periodic Table of Content Marketing, remote working and more

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Making your visual content more sharable

infographicWell-designed visual content is one of the most impactful ways to tell your brand story and can make even the dullest of statistics come alive. This article from the CMI walks us through some great tips to make your images, videos and infographics highly sharable. Read the article.

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

A graphic guaranteed to transport you right back to high school chemistry class, eConsultancy’s Periodic Table is a clever overview of the key elements of Content Marketing, from strategy to metrics. Have fun clicking on all the elements! Click here to view. Learn more »

Every meetup is better than the last

ProofHQ Team

There’s no better time for the ProofHQ team than meetup time.

Nearly everyone in the company works remotely. We have a team working together out of our Dallas sales office, but otherwise people work in locations all around the world. As part of our company “rhythm” we organize regular company-wide meetups, generally twice a year.  Last week was the ninth company meetup and we came together near Warsaw in Poland for a week of meetings, outings and connecting over a beer or two.

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