Hassle-Free Video Production for the Distributed Workforce [eBook]

hassle-free video production
Online video is hot (and getting hotter every year). American adults spent an average of 20 minutes per day watching online videos in 2011, a statistic expected to hit 76 minutes per day by the end of 2015. While desktop and laptop video consumption has been holding steady for the past several years, mobile device video consumption is enjoying a steady climb. Mobile video ad revenue is following suit, expected to top more than $4.4 billion by 2018, a 73 percent increase over 2013.

With the capacity to increase content shares by 39 percent, comments by 36 percent, and likes by a full 56 percent, video is by far one of the most effective and engaging forms of marketing content.

Yet, some small to mid-size brands and organizations that are itching to create marketing or promotional videos are hesitant to do so. While video production does have its challenges, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a difficult undertaking. And even companies with limited budgets, resources, and personnel have various options they can employ to produce amazing videos.

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10 Ways Project Management Can Improve with Communication

improve project management

As a project manager, there is a lot of responsibility that falls into your lap. However, communication is arguably your single most important task–aside from project management. It is through effective communication that a team is able to collaborate with each other, with management, and with clients. The idea of communication sounds simple enough, but many project managers find that it is the skill that is most difficult to perfect. Perhaps this is because communication goes far beyond talking. We’re offering a list of 10 applications, processes, and practices that we think will go a long way in facilitating communication in order to improve your project management skills.

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Webinar Replay: Video Production and Online Proofing for the Distributed Workforce

webinar replay: online proofing for video

Online proofing, more often than not, is associated with graphics editing. It’s easy to translate the typical paper-based markup with red ink to the online environment. What’s not so intuitive, or even expected, is using the same online proofing tools for reviewing video files. And what if the team members involved in the video production project are based in different parts of the country or even globe?

While video production does have its challenges, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a difficult undertaking. And even companies with limited budgets, resources, and personnel have various options they can employ to produce amazing videos. To illustrate this point, we created this webinar, in conjunction with HOW Design University, because of a recent video project of our own.

Here is a webinar replay of Mike Puterbaugh, vice president of marketing for ProofHQ, and Devin Polaski, creative director for PictoMoto, discussing the methodology and technology they used to complete a video project while being nearly 2,000 miles apart.

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ProofHQ CEO Mat Atkinson Talks About Managing Distributed Teams on The Work Talk Show Podcast

the-work-talk-show-mat-atkinsonMat Atkinson, CEO of ProofHQ, made his podcast debut on The Work Talk Show, a weekly podcast on how work gets done outside the lines of what work has traditionally looked like. During his 30 minute discussion with hosts Nick Westergaard and DJ Waldow, Mat shared how ProofHQ came about, what it’s like managing a distributed team that’s spread across 9 to 10 time zones (depending on the season), and the tools used to foster continuous conversations and collaborations.

You can listen to the full episode and read the show notes on the Work Talk Show website or listen via Stitcher.

Episode link: http://worktalkshow.com/mat-atkinson-on-distributed-teams/


Tools & Tips for Managing a Remote Marketing Team

Gail MoserLike all of ProofHQ, the Marketing team is a geographically diverse group of folks. Part of the team is in Poland and the rest are spread across the US. My goal here is to share with you the tools or platforms that make it possible to manage people remotely and some hopefully valuable tips on how to use them to make your processes run smoothly.


When I started with ProofHQ, Marketing was a team of four. But we have significantly grown since then, adding a sharp team of market research analysts (MRAs) to support the outbound “Cold Calling V2.0” efforts of the Sales team (à la Aaron Ross of Predictable Revenue fame).

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This Week in Marketing Operations: Making visual content sharable, the Periodic Table of Content Marketing, remote working and more

ProofHQ’s weekly roundup of insightful content, chosen specifically for marketing, agency and creative professionals.

Making your visual content more sharable

infographicWell-designed visual content is one of the most impactful ways to tell your brand story and can make even the dullest of statistics come alive. This article from the CMI walks us through some great tips to make your images, videos and infographics highly sharable. Read the article.

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

A graphic guaranteed to transport you right back to high school chemistry class, eConsultancy’s Periodic Table is a clever overview of the key elements of Content Marketing, from strategy to metrics. Have fun clicking on all the elements! Click here to view. Learn more »