NEW Rich Media eBook: Your Secret Marketing Weapon


With ever increasing pressure to come up with more and more engaging campaigns, marketers are constantly looking for new ways to differentiate themselves by producing higher quality content.

It’s become critical for in-house marketing and creative teams, as well as external agencies, to produce content that will break through digital marketing noise. And that’s not surprising. We are all potential customers to someone else on the web. For most of us, first impressions of any content online is what matters most, and that’s exactly what gets us to click that specific piece of content. But for this to happen, we have to visually engage with an ad. In other words, it needs to grab our attention.

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Rich Media & Brand Awareness: the Connection Marketers Can’t Afford to Ignore


“Rich Media” gained traction as another marketing buzzword (don’t we have enough already?) back in 2013-2014 as marketing thought leadership began to espouse its mandatory presence in all marketing campaigns. Cost effective (sometimes), easy to produce, definitely easy to disseminate, and far more engaging than any pop-up or banner ad. So why is it that, halfway through 2016, countless marketers seem to be oblivious to all that rich media has to offer?

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