Protect Your Company and Reputation by Understanding the Importance of Marketing Compliance

Marketing Compliance is Necessary, But It’s Not Complicated

Marketing departments are producing more content for multiple channels of distribution at a faster rate than ever before. They face a dilemma of producing quality creative content while ensuring the content complies with regulatory and branding guidelines. So what’s the big deal about marketing compliance?

Marketing compliance standards protect consumers so that they are not lied to, tricked, or misled by businesses. These compliance laws also ensure that a person’s privacy rights are protected and that they have an option regarding which type of information a brand collects and how they communicate with that business.

These resources will help give marketers a general understanding of these compliance standards and how to avoid making a costly mistake.

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Marketing Compliance Resources

Resources for Understanding Marketing Compliance and Avoiding Costly Mistakes


Marketing Compliance Guide - image

Comply With This: A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Compliance


Webinar replay: Online Proofing for Marketing Compliance - image

Webinar Replay: Online Proofing for Marketing Compliance


LendingTree Case Study - image

Online Proofing Helps LendingTree ‭Maintain Compliance & Regulatory ‭Standards While Providing Competitive Differentiation‬‬‬‬‬‬

Admiral Case Study - image

Insurance provider improves visibility and ensures marketing compliance with online proofing application

BMI Healthcare Case Study - image

BMI Healthcare Replaces Review and Approval Process with ProofHQ


What is Marketing Compliance - image

What is Marketing Compliance and Why is It Important?

General Counsel or Chief Compliance Officer - image

Which Role Do You Need to Hire: General Counsel or Chief Compliance Officer?

Online Proofing Quickest Win Marketing Compliance - image

Online Proofing: The Quickest Win on the Path to Marketing Compliance

Caution! User-generated Content - image

Caution! User-generated Content Ahead!

Marketing Manager Compliance - image

What Every Marketing Manager Needs to Know About Marketing Compliance

Protect Brand Identity - image

How to Protect Brand Identity with Marketing Compliance