ProofHQ plug-in for Microsoft SharePoint

Online Proofing from directly inside SharePoint document management system


Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010        Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007


This ProofHQ plug-in for SharePoint has been developed and is supplied by Ashton Court, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.


About SharePoint

Microsoft® SharePoint™ makes it easy for people to work together and share large libraries of digital assets, including images and documents. Users can set up SharePoint web sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions. Whilst SharePoint includes many great features, it does not provide the ability for a team of people to simultaneously add comments and markups to a document. When the document is checked-out by one person, other people are unable to work on it.



Integrating ProofHQ into SharePoint

ProofHQ provides simple, but rich review and approval tools that help document reviewers simultaneously and collaboratively provide feedback on a huge range of image, print, audiovisual and digital file types. Multiple SharePoint users, regardless of geographical location, can provide their comments and reply to each other’s markups on a single document at the same time, anywhere they have online access. They create collaborative discussion threads, enabling the team to resolve questions and issues very quickly.

Using ProofHQ right inside SharePoint combines the power of SharePoint’s process, sharing and security tools with the simplicity and ease of use of ProofHQ’s online proofing tools.



Key benefits and features of the plug-in

  • Can be used by any organisation managing and sharing digital assets in SharePoint
  • Increases the speed of projects’ delivery, reduces errors and effort in managing projects
  • Seamless integration of ProofHQ with SharePoint document libraries
  • Sending a proof is as simple as uploading a document to SharePoint
  • Review/approval capabilities extended to users with online access outside SharePoint
  • Use ProofHQ’s rich review and approval tools from inside SharePoint
  • Single sign-on from SharePoint user accounts to ProofHQ
  • Can be easily deployed as a SharePoint WebPart
  • Works with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

How does it work?





SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2007



Home page

Create dashboards to manage proofs and quickly overview status of multiple projects within one central SharePoint page.





Proof upload





Document properties

Define your proof’s reviewers and workflow within familiar SharePoint environment.


Contact List



Adding Proofing Webpart



What does it cost?

Standard Version: Free (limited to one proof library)
Enterprise Version: $2,000 (unlimited number of libraries), plus $400 per year for maintenance


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