built-for-NetSuiteProofHQ Connector for NetSuite SRP

Integrating creative review and approval workflow to accelerate marketing project delivery


Creative review and approval is a mission-critical function for Advertising, Media and Publishing businesses. The volume of content being produced by marketing teams has grown exponentially across multiple media channels. At the same time, project life cycles have become shorter.


ProofHQ’s powerful online proofing application accelerates project delivery across all media types, reduces project management overhead and improves brand and regulatory compliance. The ProofHQ Connector for NetSuite Services Resource Planning (SRP) provides the ability to manage creative review and approval directly inside NetSuite.





Key Benefits


By seamlessly integrating ProofHQ with the projects, people and tasks within NetSuite SRP, marketing teams can leverage ProofHQ’s powerful  online proofing capabilities from within NetSuite SRP.

  • View, manage and complete creative review and approval process within NetSuite SRP.
  • Use existing and familiar interface and workflow through NetSuite SRP project tasks.
  • Give review teams the tools to collaboratively review creative content directly within NetSuite SRP.


Key Features


  • Connect a ProofHQ proof to a NetSuite SRP project.
  • Select your NetSuite SRP project, people and timeline.
  • Create “proof review” tasks in NetSuite SRP from ProofHQ.
  • Provide NetSuite SRP users with easy to use commenting, markup and feedback tools.
  • View all comments and replies from ProofHQ into your NetSuite SRP project.
  • Seamlessly switch between ProofHQ proofs and NetSuite projects, and view ProofHQ proofs inside NetSuite SRP projects.
  • Automate manual, labor-intensive ‭processes for routing a diverse set of creative assets.
  • ‭View, Manage and ‭Complete Creative Review and Approval Tasks within NetSuite SRP.




See the ProofHQ Connector
for NetSuite SRP in action.









How it works


1. Link a ProofHQ proof with a NetSuite SRP project.



2. Select people from the NetSuite project and add them as reviewers on the ProofHQ proof, together with a deadline.



3. Each person will have their own review and approval project task created in NetSuite SRP.



4. The ProofHQ proof is now displayed in the NetSuite project, and review and approval can be managed from within the project interface.