Page by page approval

Efficient review of multi-page documents

Managing proofing workflow for a single piece of collateral is difficult enough. Multiply that by dozens if not hundreds of pages, and the process becomes very complex and cumbersome. This is common in industries such as retail, in which companies produce high volumes of multi-page documents such as catalogs and product lists. Page by page approval is ideal for projects that require each page of a document to be proofed individually.


Set up

We recommend using the Desktop Uploader as it provides quick and easy upload by dragging and dropping folders rather than individual files. Before creating the proof, a project manager will set up a folder on a desktop that contains separate files for each page of the catalog. The files should follow a logical naming convention such as ‘001’ for the first page, ‘002’ for the second page and so on. The project manager drops the folder into the Desktop Uploader, pushing the entire catalog into ProofHQ. The folder is replicated in ProofHQ and each catalog page becomes an individual proof.




The manager adds reviewers from their own internal team or their customer’s team as ‘Reviewer & Approver.’ Reviewers are added only to the pages that are relevant to them and revisions take place on a proof-by-proof basis, giving the manager page-level control. Reviewers can be added initially via the Desktop Uploader or after creating the proofs. The review team then receives e-mails with links to individual proofs. This enables reviewers to concentrate only on the proofs that need their comments and approval, rather than the whole catalog.


Review and approval

Proof review and approval takes place in a similar way to the basic workflow. However, with page-by-page approval you can:

  • Review and approve an entire catalog page by page
  • See the folder contents (i.e. each catalog page) by clicking the Folder icon in the ProofHQ Viewer
  • See which proofs have been approved and which are still pending by opening the Sidebar and clicking on the Folder section

Because each page of the catalog is a separate proof, each can go through any number of revisions independent of other pages. You can move quickly among pages, make comments, view changes and manage the whole assembly at the page level; a tremendous improvement over more manual proofing methods such as hard copy and email attachments.


Easy, simple management

Each catalog page is easily seen by clicking the Folder icon on the ProofHQ Viewer. Here, both manager and customer can review and approve it page by page.




Using dashboard controls, the project manager can track which page proofs have been approved and which are pending. Once a proof has final approval, the decision will be posted on the central dashboard and the finished design goes to production.