Pharmore Pharmacies

A pharmaceutical chain uses ProofHQ to simplify review and approval, saving time and money while maintaining an accurate audit trail

Pharmore Pharmacies


“ProofHQ has streamlined our proofing process; we can easily track progress on our proofs, get realtime feedback and allow multiple people reviewing the proof to see each other’s comments.”

Brett Hewitt, Marketing & IT Manager, Pharmore Pharmacies

Pharmore Pharmacies is an independent chain operating 16 stores, employing over 500 workers and serving more than 4 million customers annually. Because of strict regulations in the healthcare industry, the large volumes of promotional marketing collateral produced by Pharmore are heavily governed. The company must meet regulatory compliance standards by having a clear audit trail for sign-off of its promotional material, internal process documents, training manuals and publications.




ProofHQ solution

Pharmore Pharmacies’ traditional process for reviewing marketing collateral involved sending emails with attachments to all reviewers, along with forms that allowed them to give feedback or sign for approval. The reviewers were then expected to print the approval forms, complete them by hand and fax them back to the marketing team. This process became excessively lengthy as designers struggled to correlate feedback on the approval form to the proof on a separate page. Faxing feedback also meant that reviewers were not able to see each other’s comments, leading to confusion throughout the review team. Pharmore Pharmacies needed a solution that would remove inefficient email and fax from the review and approval process. ProofHQ enabled the company to create online versions of proofs that could be easily viewed with a web browser. Additionally, instead of an approval form, simple markup and commenting tools allow users to provide feedback directly on proofs. The solution allows each person in the sign-off process to see comments from other team members. Each comment is time and date stamped, making it simple to track decisions and link them to specific reviewers.


ProofHQ is now part of Pharmore Pharmacies’ everyday process for reviewing creative work. The easy-to-use tools have made the process much simpler and easier to manage. Pharmore’s Marketing & IT Manager Brett Hewitt estimates that “each person saves at least an hour each week and even more with large, multi-client catalogue projects.” In addition, the time and date stamped comments provide a clear audit trail that easily helps the company meet regulatory compliance requirements.



Pharmore Prharmacies