Online Proofing: Streamlining the Review and Approval Process

Marketing teams need to deliver more content, for more channels, in less time, without sacrificing quality, brand integrity or results. ProofHQ streamlines the review and approval process so that marketers can be more productive and more creative in this highly demanding environment.

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ProofHQ: the market leader

ProofHQ is the global leader in online proofing: streamlining the review and approval process. We are trusted by over 2,600 of the top brands and agencies worldwide. We have three core beliefs driving our growth:

Do one thing, and do it well

We focus on one thing, and one thing only; streamlining the review and approval of creative content by high-performance marketing teams. Our focus means that you get the best solution in the market with an outstanding ROI.

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Genuine Passion for Customer Success

We succeed when our customers succeed. We are passionate about improving our customers’ productivity. We are committed to making ProofHQ easy to use and easy to manage. We provide unparalleled customer support.

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Enterprise Ready Service & Infrastructure

We know that content review and approval is a mission-critical for our customers. We design and build ProofHQ to be enterprise-ready, with industry leading levels of security, performance and availability.

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Collaborative Review

Provide clear and accurate feedback using intuitive, collaborative commenting and markup tools

Our #1 goal is to streamline review and approval of creative content. Review teams love working with ProofHQ as it gives them the ability to provide feedback quickly and simply. Real-time discussion threads makes collaboration easy.

Reducing email overload for you and your review teams

Email is a necessary evil, and needs to be kept under control. ProofHQ reduces email overload by keeping feedback and discussion out of email and in each proof. Email notifications are available, but can be customised by each user so they control the frequency of email from the system.

Improve accuracy and deliver projects faster with version management

ProofHQ makes it easy for you to keep track of each version of your project. ProofHQ gives you powerful version comparison tools to ensure that changes have been made correctly and no design errors have been introduced. On average, the number of versions is reduced by nearly one third, dramatically speeding up project completion.

Single platform for creative content review with 150+ file types supported, including video

Creative content takes many forms, including print, web, interactive, email, video and much more – with ProofHQ, you can create and manage high-quality proofs from over 150 file types (see complete list). ProofHQ supports most static file types, including PDF, Adobe CS, Word, PPT, GIF, JPEG and many more. In addition, you can use ProofHQ to capture webpages for review, and create proofs from audio-visual files such as MPG, AVI, MOV and both animated and interactive SWF files.

Preview files (even large ones!) in seconds without having to install software

Sharing large files with your review team can be a real headache. Files are usually too big to email, recipients are unfamiliar with FTP and once they receive the file they often don’t have the proper software to view the original. With ProofHQ you can create proofs that stream into the reviewers browser in just a few seconds without the need for them to have specialist software installed.

Review content anywhere, anytime with support for PC, Mac, tablet and smart phones

Proofs can be reviewed anytime, anywhere on PCs, Macs, smart phones or tablets. It is the ideal solution for busy, high-performance marketing teams working in multiple locations.

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Workflow Management

Keep teams on track with unique Progress Bars

ProofHQ’s unique Progress Bars let you quickly track your review team’s progress. You can see which proofs are on track and which you need to take action on. Drill down to see progress bars for each reviewer and custom-create the view that you need to manage your project.

Reduce project management effort with Automated Workflow

Busy marketing project managers have enough to do without complex and repetitive tasks like sending notification or reminder emails, checking to see whether proofs have been received and routing proofs to the next group of reviewers. ProofHQ’s Automated Workflow takes care of these activities for you. Set up the workflow stages, reviewers and timelines once, and let Automated Workflow make sure that the project stays on track and on time.

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Have total clarity on the status of your projects with Dashboards and Reports

You need to see the status of your projects the way you want. ProofHQ gives you a powerful set of tools to build your own dashboards, Custom Views and reports so that you can keep track of your projects in the way you want.

Keep your projects organized and easy to navigate with folders and tags

Whether you are managing a high volume of proofs for multiple clients or projects, or just need some assistance keeping your projects organized, ProofHQ can help. You can set up folders to organize your proofs by client, product, project group anyway that suit your workflow. Tags make searching for proofs fast and easy.

Secure, flexible sharing of proofs, files and folders

With ProofHQ, you can easily share a single proof or an entire folder with an individual, a group, or a whole company. Manage all your data in ProofHQ with the highest levels of security to ensure your work is only being shared with those you want involved.


Integrations & API

Integrates with Your Existing Toolset

ProofHQ provides connectors so that you can easily integrate ProofHQ with many of the applications you use every day. These include project management tools such as Basecamp and Workfront, as well as popular digital asset management and file sharing applications such as Box, SharePoint, Widen and Xinet.

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Deploy your own integrations easily

ProofHQ has a comprehensive API, so other integrations can be developed and deployed rapidly.

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Enterprise-Ready Security & Infrastructure

Data security with our comprehensive Security Policy

ProofHQ understands that data security is your priority, which is why we have made it our priority. ProofHQ provides state-of-the-art security to ensure that your data is safe at all times. ProofHQ invests significant resources to keep our security infrastructure updated and current. This includes Encryption at Rest on all data and file storage.

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Independently audited processes and policies with SSAE 16 Compliance

To provide you with complete assurance that our infrastructure is enterprise-ready, ProofHQ has adopted policies and procedures that are SSAE 16 compliant.

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Highest levels of availability and performance with a Business Continuity Policy

You expect ProofHQ to deliver our services to the highest standards. ProofHQ is hosted across multiple data centres. Within each datacentre we have powerful and highly scalable infrastructure. We have a Business Continuity Policy that is SSAE 16 compliant and publish our availability performance publicly.

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Contractual commitment to service delivery with an extensive Service Level Agreement

For customers on Unlimited plans we provide a comprehensive Service Level Agreement.

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Customer Success & Support

Successful deployment and use adoption with our expert-led Success Start program

ProofHQ provides expert, professional assistance to ensure that your adoption of ProofHQ is a success. The ProofHQ Customer Success team has developed a comprehensive Success Start program to assist you with the design of your workflow, training of your team and preparation of your documentation and user guides.

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Maximise your use of ProofHQ with Resources & Support

We provide a wealth of information to help you learn how to get the most out of ProofHQ. We have a comprehensive Resources area where you can find eBooks, Guides, recorded Webinars, Customer Success Stories and more. The ProofHQ Help Center provides more detailed information about each feature of ProofHQ. We hold regular Webinars to introduce you to new features.

Finally, our support team is available by email and telephone around the clock every day of the working week.

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