Production Central for Xinet

Production Central for Xinet WebNative Suite and online proofing


Xinet® WebNative® Suite provides secure, remote access to server-based media assets and creates an efficient workflow with a range of media asset management tools. The metadata powered tools truly streamline the creative process producing a workflow centric environment in which it is easy to ingest, access and distribute media assets.
Production Central® builds on the functionality of Xinet® WebNative® Suite by integrating directly with ProofHQ and WebNative®, allowing client stakeholders to control the approval life cycle of media assets through their own defined workflows.





Key benefits

  • Account managers can invite clients to review/approve assets via ProofHQ
  • Ability to create client-specific workgroups for better file organization and security
  • Full visibility of the approval processes from within WebNative
  • Approval cycle users do not need to access to WebNative® Server based assets
  • Can often be expensed out of marketing, not IT budget
  • Extension of Xinet, so easy for IT to review and approve
  • Segmented views allow operators & client stakeholders to manage assets efficiently


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