ProofHQ plug-in for Adobe Creative Suite

Manage creative review and approval from directly inside Adobe Creative Suite

This ProofHQ plug-in for Adobe Creative Suite has been developed and is supplied by CtrlSoftware.


CtrlReviewHQ integrates Adobe Creative Suite with ProofHQ’s powerful online proofing tools. The intuitive CtrlReviewHQ panel alleviates one of Adobe users’ biggest challenges –  managing review and approval of creative projects. Designers can send documents directly from Adobe Creative Suite to ProofHQ to share, review, collaborate and approve their design projects.  As the review team makes comments in ProofHQ, the designer can track progress right inside Creative Suite.
CtrlReviewHQ is compatible with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop & Photoshop Extended. Current users of these applications can immediately benefit from CtrlReviewHQ without any modifications to their system.


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Key benefits of the plug-in

  • Save Time: Manage approval workflow within the Adobe Creative Suite application
  • Reduce Costs: Streamlined workflow increases return-on-investment
  • Faster Speed-to-Market: Easier approval process ensures deadlines are met
  • Better Collaboration: Proof online anywhere, anytime and see everyone’s comments

Key features of the plug-in

  • Start a ProofHQ review within the Creative Suite application
  • Upload large files up to 1.3 GB without clogging inboxes
  • View comments and replies made in ProofHQ directly in Creative Suite
  • Track review and approvals progress in real-time for your Creative Suite document
  • Mark comments made in ProofHQ as “done” in Creative Suite
  • Compare versions side-by-side to ensure change requests have been addressed. Then, create an updated version.

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