The main purpose of ProofHQ is to give reviewers an easy way to markup, annotate and comment on proofs. The Add comment button is displayed prominently so that reviewers know exactly what they need to do.

Click this button to add a comment yourself.

Comments are instantly saved to the proof, which means that other people with access to the proof can see all comments in real time - anywhere, anytime.

By asking your reviewers to make a clear decision you can easily keep track of who has completed their review and what they decide.

You can create multiple versions of a proof and easily manage them within ProofHQ, including adding a new proof version here.

Compare versions side-by-side to see that all changes driven by prior comments have been made.

Click this button to compare two versions.

This handy sidebar lets you manage your work directly in the proof, without having to exit to the dashboard.

You can:

  • create a new proof
  • return to the dashboard
  • view proofs in the same folder
  • add reviewers
  • access proof tools
  • view proof details

ProofHQ includes innovative technology so that even the largest files are available to reviewers in just a few seconds. This avoids waiting for large files to download before they can be reviewed and also avoids email inboxes becoming overloaded.

Easily compare versions of a proof side-by-side or overlay versions to visually check if changes have been correctly implemented.

You can scroll through comments on one version to see if they have been correctly implemented on the other version.

In addition, auto-compare automatically displays differences between two versions of the same proof.

Click "Auto" button to toggle on and off
auto-comparison mode.

Click this button to leave comparison mode.

ProofHQ's rich commenting and markup tools mean that you and your reviewers can provide crystal clear feedback.

Close this pop-up to draw a rectangular markup, you can drag and scale it afterwards.

Provide feedback in the comment box for the entire review team to see.

Close this pop-up to type your comment and click "Save" button to see it added to the proof.

The dashboard offers you a quick and easy way to take common actions and to see what needs your immediate attention.

Your most recently accessed proofs are pushed to the top of the dashboard's list for easy access and review of their current status.

Recent activity lists all comments and actions that have been made by your team so you can easily keep track of what is going on with your proofs.

The proof details page show you all of the latest information on the workflow, the settings and the activity on a particular proof.

This toolbar allows quick access to common proof actions like add a reviewer, print out comments, download the proof, export comments to Excel and more.

ProofHQ's unique progress bar let you quickly track your review team's activity. See that an email notifications was sent and who has opened, commented and made decisions on the proof (SOCD). If some one is late on their review and approval tasks, the box turns red, helping you keep projects on track.

Security and control of your proofs is important. Here you can lock a proof when all decisions are made, require a password-protected login, require an electronic signature and more.

The activity section is a summary of activities on this proof completed by review team all in one easy to find spot.

Email and attachments are a common way to route proofs. ProofHQ makes sending a proof just as easy, if not easier, than sending an email.

Files can be up to 1GB. All file types ProofHQ accepts are converted to this single proof viewer so reviewers don’t need to have the original software application the proof was created with.

You can upload content for review in several ways: drag and drop, browse and select files or enter a URL for a web page review.

ProofHQ also offers a desktop uploader application that lets you create multiple proofs and share files from your desktop. These proofs are uploaded in the background, so you can keep working while even the largest files are processed.

You can share the proof with your team by entering their email addresses. Select which people you want to share the proof with, set their role and email notification frequency, as well as set a deadline to track progress.

Create groups to make sending the proof to large numbers of people quick and easy.

The security and control settings for a new proof are selected here. You can lock a proof after decisions have been made, require a password-protected login to review a proof, require an electronic signature and more.

This is the Automated Workflow diagram, a visual representation of the project's stages, dependencies and progress.

Once you create a new proof, this diagram lets you see the current status of each stage: green for a completed and locked stage, black means in progress and gray for stages not yet started.

The proof details page provides information on the progress each team member has made. It's easy to see what has been completed and what work still needs to be done on every stage.

It's easy to get a new automated workflow up and running. Simply choose an existing template from this drop-down menu in the "Share" section, tweak for any changes and your new workflow is ready.

Here you can change the way stage details are viewed. Choose from a single stage view or view all stages, both with and without details displayed. You can also add people to any stage or create a new workflow stage.

In the stage details section, you can change the settings, add people by name or drag them between stages.

Welcome to our self-guided demo of ProofHQ.

Click this button to see a hint.

Click here to scroll down or up a screenshot.

This icon indicates actions you can take.

Customize URL to open any module and/or tip:
opens ProofHQ Viewer and tip number 2
opens Proof details without opening any tip

You have to add 10 to tip number for "Compare" mode and 20 for "Add comment" mode:
opens "Compare" mode and tip number 2