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Publishing revolves around deadlines, with production teams managing unforgiving schedules and demanding content. Content can include both editorial and advertising, and many publishers now have digital as well as print properties. Advertising ranges from static display and classified ads to animation and interactive banner ads. Turnarounds are tight, with ads sometimes finalized just hours before publication. Online proofing eliminates the review and approval obstacles publishers face in managing with high volumes of highly detailed content.




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For publishing teams, proofing can be the most stressful stage of production. Coordinators must closely and monitor revisions manually compiled from emailed comments and hardcopy markups. Feedback must be updated and rerouted quickly to stay on schedule, but manual proofing lacks the speed publishing teams need to review and approve traditional printed and digital content. As issues get down to the wire, the pressure gets intense. The ProofHQ online proofing system solves the problems that plague publishers in their production workflow today. Because it makes proofing easier and faster, publishers have more breathing room in their schedules. Consolidated comments and revision tracking keeps everything under control, while support for digital and print designs gives publishers one tool for all their media.


  • 56%* faster project delivery for quicker speed to market
  • Integrated development of multi-channel marketing
  • Real-time collaboration and feedback across global teams
  • Greater visibility into project bottlenecks
  • Approval accuracy and time-stamped audit trail
  • Average number of revisions reduced from 3.9 to 2.8*, a 29%* reduction.
  • Streamlined proofing reduces time spent managing reviews by an average of 59%*.
  • On average, Internal Rate of Return is 4,441%*, or $40 for every $1 spent on ProofHQ.

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Raves from publishers

Here is what publishers say about productive ProofHQ proofing tools and automation.




“ProofHQ has been a great addition to our project management & design process. It’s easy to use and now allows the sales, design, project management & development teams to work seamlessly. It also helps us speed up the approval process when it comes to rolling out new products.”

Kevin Barden, PCWorld | Macworld & GamePro



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“On deadline days where all that I do is upload ads to ProofHQ and wait for approvals, ProofHQ probably saves me a couple of hours of emailing back and forth. It’s a much more streamlined method to get proofs approved.”

Alyssa Buckley, Account Director, Totem




“ProofHQ has been fantastic for automating our proofing system with clients! We work on projects that need sign off from outside clients, ProofHQ has been a dream for our clients, they have found it very easy to proof with. ProofHQ has made review and approval of our content so much easier on all of us.”

Christen Newlon, Production Manager, Andrew Harper