ProofHQ is the fastest, easiest way to upload, review and approve interactive and animated content, such as HTML5 banner ads, microsites, videos and other rich media content.

Review and Approve Interactive & Animated Content to Deliver Your Projects Faster

For most marketing teams and agencies, review and approval is a manual, resource-heavy and inefficient process. And that arduous process is only made worse by the ever-increasing demand for rich, interactive content, which leaves creative professionals spending more time on mundane administrative tasks and less time doing what they enjoy most—being creative. Solution: ProofHQ’s Interactive Online Proofing App.

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Interactive Online Proofing, your Single source for comments and feedback

ProofHQ allows marketing teams and agencies, to review and approve rich media content in one application. ProofHQ moves feedback and comments out of email conversations and directly onto your creative asset. Comments come alive as real-time discussion threads, allowing for specific, actionable direction to be provided, speeding up project delivery by an average of 56%.

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Increased productivity, efficiency and collaboration

Marketers can quickly and easily upload, review and approve rich media content via ProofHQ without having to grant individuals access to the staging site, eliminating overhead and the hassle of administration.

ProofHQ – More Productive. More Creative.

ProofHQ is the only comprehensive review and approval application on the market today that offers rich media proofing for marketing teams and agencies. ProofHQ supports over 150 file types, such as, static files, web-pages, audio-visual files, both animated and interactive SWF files and now HTML5 content (see complete list). Rich media proofing provides a faster, easier way to gather feedback and approvals without sacrificing high-quality results.