Proven Business Value of ProofHQ

Independent study quantifies the benefits of using online proofing


Marketing departments and agencies across all industries are increasingly asked to demonstrate the business value of their activities, and deliver marketing projects faster on limited budgets. As a result, many look to online review & approval systems to help streamline the complex and often-inefficient content review and approval process. 


New York management consulting firm Intellilink, which helps agencies and marketing departments worldwide improve their operating efficiency, measured the business return of using the ProofHQ online review & approval tool.


The study found that using ProofHQ delivers outstanding value to users in a very short time, regardless of industry. When manual processes are replaced with an automated review and approval system, the results are phenomenal, with rate of return percentages in the thousands and payback within a month or less.

Measurable financial return

roi payback
  • For every $1 spent on online proofing, users saved $40 each month by making their review and approval workflow more efficient.
  • Four weeks average payback period. Survey participants previously using a hardcopy to manage proofs experienced an average payback period of only two weeks.

Faster speed to market

  • 75% of respondents reported increased speed-to-market.
  • 56% improvement in average speed to market – a project that took 4 weeks now takes less than 2 to complete.
  • 100% of survey participants indicated significantly streamlined workflow process from proofing and approval automation.

Reduced effort to manage and review proofs

  • 100% of survey participants reported a reduction in the effort spent managing proofs.
  • The average reduction in effort for managing proofs was 59%.
  • 75% of survey participants indicated a reduction in the effort spent reviewing proofs.
  • Rework resulting from proof revisions was reduced by 29%, from 3.9 to 2.8 revisions.

Better communication and audit trail

magnifying glass
  • 38% rely on ProofHQ as an archive and audit trail to meet regulatory requirements or to conduct root cause analysis to determine why errors were made and identify process improvements.
  • 100% of participants claim that ProofHQ increased accountability of reviewers and approvers.
  • Over 80% of surveyed customers indicated improvement of internal communications around proofs.

Environmental advantages

  • Survey participants emphasized that ProofHQ has a positive impact on the environment through fewer printed proofs. Fewer hard copies result in less paper, less toner waste and a smaller carbon footprint, since routing proofs through post or courier transportation is no longer necessary.

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