Satellite Accounts

Use ‘hub’ accounts to give your clients greater access to proofs

ProofHQ makes it easy to share proofs with people outside of your organization. You can invite external reviewers (freelancers, clients, etc.) via email to review, collaborate and comment on individual proofs. This method does not require a log-in for them. However, you might have clients who need greater access to ProofHQ, allowing them to use the Dashboard and track all the proofs that you have shared with them, all in one place.


But, adding external clients to your ProofHQ account would give them access to information that you likely do not want them to see, like your billing info or projects that do not involve them. That is why we highly recommend Satellite Accounts for each of your clients.


Satellite Accounts are paid accounts which you set up and manage from within your own ProofHQ account. Your account becomes a “hub” which is used to manage the Satellite Account(s) linked to it. There is no limit to the number of Satellite Accounts you can set up, so you could create a separate account for each of your clients. You can add multiple users from an organization to the Satellite Account and create a personalized, branded account for them to work in. Satellite Accounts can be set up with any plan, regardless of the plan used by the “hub” account.


The following table illustrates the main features and corresponding benefits of Satellite Accounts.




Managed by you from within your “hub” account Conveniently manage multiple Satellite Accounts from one place
Personal login for each user in the Satellite Account Provides additional security on proofs (proofs can be password protected – see Login Required)
Personalized branding for your client You can control the branding experience that the client has in ProofHQ
Enhanced workflow for your client You can tailor the proofing process to meet the needs of the specific client
Your client can upload proofs from the Satellite Account and share these with you Your client can initiate their own proofs
Any proofs that have previously been shared with your client will automatically show in their account No need to re-share previous proofs


For more information on how to set up Satellite Accounts, click here.