Getting started with ProofHQ

Setting up your review and approval workflow

The following guide will help you get your ProofHQ account set up, including branding your proofing environment, adding contacts, uploading files and folders, and sharing your first proof.


Step 1: Complete your account details

The first thing we recommend is that you complete your account details, including your organisation’s name, contact info and time zone. Your organisation’s name will be visible to users, and your contact info and time zone will impact proofing deadlines, among other things.

When you first log into ProofHQ locate and click the Settings link in the top right of the page. Select the Account Settings option. In Account Settings complete each field.



For more information, please visit the Account Settings Help page:


Step 2: Set up branding on your account


All plans include the option to create a branded sub domain e.g. In addition, you can place your organisation name or logo at the top of ProofHQ pages and have your logo display when the proof viewer opens.



For more information, please visit the Branding Help page:

Step 3: Add colleagues as Users to your account


If you want to give colleagues access to ProofHQ, you can add them as users to your ProofHQ account. If you are taking a free trial of ProofHQ, it is much better to have your team using the same ProofHQ account, rather than each person taking a separate trial.


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For more information, please visit the Users Help page:

Step 4: Setting up Folders to organize your proofs


Folders are a great way to organise your proofs by project, client, or any other way that suits your organisation and workflow. You can navigate folders in the sidebar of ProofHQ and also from the top of the proof viewer.

You can share individual proofs or files in a folder, or whole folders.



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For more information, please visit the Folders Help page:

Step 5: Adding people to your Contacts


The Contacts list shows all of your organization’s contacts. Whenever you share a proof, file or folder with someone, they will be automatically added to your Contacts list.


Contacts are labelled as Colleagues (users in your organisation), Members (users in another ProofHQ account) and Contacts (people who do not have a ProofHQ login).


You can add contacts individually, or using the bulk-import feature.



For more information, please visit the Contacts Help page:

Step 6: Setting up Groups to quickly share your proofs


If you share proofs, files or folders with the same groups of people regularly, you can use the Groups function to create groups and share items with everyone in a group.



For more information, please visit the Groups Help page:


Step 6: Create and share your first proof


Creating and sharing proofs is very simple. While there are many ways you can share proofs with reviewers, here is the method most commonly used:
1.      Locate and click on New in the Header menu.
2.      Choose New proof and the New proof page will appear.
3.      Click the Add files button; choose the file you want to upload.
4.      Choose which folder to add the proof.
5.      Type a contact or group name into the Share proofs by email field.
6.      Type a message (e.g., instructions to reviewers).
7.      Set a deadline by which comments/decisions must be made.
8.      Select any other desired options for the proof.
9.      Click the Save button.


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For more information, please visit the New Proof Help page:


If you want to share a proof with people after you have created it, you can do so from the proof viewer and various other pages in ProofHQ.


For more information, please visit the following Help page:



Step 7: Review your first proof


We have created some great resources that discuss in detail how to review, comment on and approve proofs.


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For more information, please visit the Reviewing Proofs Help page:

Get even more out of ProofHQ

We have covered the basic steps required for you to start using ProofHQ. If you would like to further customise your ProofHQ account or workflow, we encourage you to visit the Resources section of our web site, or to browse our Help system.

For ideas on how to set up your proofing workflow, please visit: